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WWE Shakeup: Jey Uso Joins Raw Splitting from Brother Jimmy, Reactions from Wrestling Industry

In a startling sequence of events at WWE Payback, Cody Rhodes announced on The Grayson Waller Effect that Jey Uso will become a fresh face on WWE Raw. This surprising move has separated him from his brother Jimmy Uso, sparking forth a myriad of reactions within the wrestling community.

Freddie Prinze Jr., a former WWE writer, and now recognized Hollywood personality, shared his insights on his popular podcast, Wrestling With Freddie, “This is weird because I honestly didn’t think they were going to split Jey and Jimmy up and now, to see them on different shows and they’re giving each of them a shot”, he said, illustrating the industry’s shock over this strategic shift.

However, despite initial reservations, Prinze applauded WWE’s audacious move, and showcased confidence towards Jey’s individual potential. “I think it’s got a shot because Jey just has that certain energy that people gravitate to. He’s like a sun and everyone’s orbiting around him”, Prinze added, highlighting Jey’s remarkable appeal.

On the other hand, his brother Jimmy, retaining his position on SmackDown, continues to flourish as a heel. Prinze expressed his reverence for Jimmy’s refined performance skills and recognized his promising role on SmackDown, making it clear that this strategy might work after all.

The seeds of this onscreen drama were sown at the SummerSlam premium live event, where Jimmy cost Jey his shot at the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship title against Roman Reigns. Resultantly, the dejected Jey opted to walk out of WWE, marking his departure from SmackDown on the following Friday.

This significant shift has reshaped the dynamics between the two Usos, adding a compelling layer to the storyline. As the wrestling world adjusts to this reality, everyone’s eyes remain glued on what could unfold next.

If you use any quotes from this article please credit Wrestling With Freddie, with a hat tip to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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