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WWE SmackDown Ratings: Viewership on the Rise with Latest FOX Broadcast

In the dynamic landscape of professional wrestling, the performance of WWE’s flagship shows is a critical indicator of the brand’s popularity and reach. WWE SmackDown, in its latest airing, showcased a significant surge in viewership as wrestling fans tuned in eagerly to the action-packed event on FOX.

The recent broadcast of WWE SmackDown saw an impressive viewership of 2,044,000, marking a substantial increase from the preceding week’s figure of 789,000 viewers aired on FS1. This transition back to FOX certainly played a part in the hike in the numbers, emphasizing the importance of network exposure for the show’s success.

Delving deeper into the key demographics, SmackDown achieved a 0.59 rating among adults aged 18-49 on FOX. To put these figures into perspective, this is a notable jump from the 0.24 rating when the show previously aired on FS1. Such a leap signifies not only a recovery from the dip but also reflects growing interest and engagement within the crucial demographic that advertisers covet most.

Comparing year-over-year data offers further insight into SmackDown’s performance trajectory. The December 2, 2022, episode of SmackDown, which also aired on FS1, attracted 902,000 viewers paired with a 0.25 demographic rating. Meanwhile, the corresponding episode from December 3, 2021, had pulled in 2,030,000 viewers. This year’s increase in viewership figures on FOX reaffirms the show’s strength and its connection with the audience.

As reported by Wrestlenomics, a trusted name in the wrestling business analysis, these statistics not only reflect the fluctuations due to network changes but also underscore the WWE’s enduring appeal. The uptick demonstrates the company’s ability to draw in audiences, especially when available on a larger platform like FOX.

Looking ahead, WWE SmackDown will aim to capitalize on this positive momentum. With storylines evolving and wrestlers vying for championships and glory, fans can anticipate that the show will continue to deliver thrilling entertainment. For WWE, maintaining and building upon this viewership growth will be critical as it navigates the competitive world of professional wrestling entertainment.

Engaging story arcs, charismatic superstars, and high-octane matches all contribute to WWE SmackDown’s success. As a staple in the hearts of wrestling fans worldwide, the show’s latest ratings reassure stakeholders and fans alike that it remains a flagship event worth tuning into week after week.

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