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WWE SmackDown’s Recent Ratings Show Steady Increase: A Comparative Analysis

As a pro wrestling reporter who closely tracks the ever-fluctuating world of weekly viewership ratings, a recent trend of significant importance has emerged from within WWE SmackDown. According to data compiled by Wrestlenomics, there has been a noteworthy rise in viewership for WWE SmackDown, with the recent figures reporting an increase to 2,417,000 viewers on FOX, from 2,319,000 viewers the previous week.

Particular emphasis must be laid on the fact that this past Friday’s show was anything but a regular broadcast. Dubbed as the season premiere special, it added an extra layer of intrigue for the fans. However, on dissecting the specifics of demographic ratings, there has been a slight dip, with this week’s episode garnering a 0.62 rating in the 18-49 demographic compared to the previous week’s 0.64.

While it’s crucial to understand weekly statistics, it’s equally significant in shaping a broader perspective by taking a look at year-on-year figures. Doing such, when we wind the clock back to October 14, 2022, the WWE SmackDown episode then attracted 2,274,000 viewers, registering an 0.54 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

These numbers take on even greater importance when cast into the framework of a further backdated comparison to the episode aired on October 15, 2021. This particular showing had brought in 866,000 viewers on FS1, conspicuously lower than the numbers now.

Drawing succinct conclusions from these compilations and examinations of figures, there is an evident upward trend in WWE SmackDown’s viewership as per the data from Wrestlenomics. While demographic ratings do see smaller ebb and flows, the overall projection signifies positive growth for the programming, indicating the WWE universe’s relentless appeal among its fanbase worldwide. However, WWE’s consistent endeavor to keep up with its evolving audience’s expectations remains a task to monitor in the pro wrestling business reportage.

In this fiercely competitive field of sports entertainment, remaining buoyant in the sea of viewer’s preferences is like wrestling itself – a game of strength, strategy, and a little bit of theatrics.

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