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WWE Star Drew Gulak Not Listed For NXT Show Following Allegations By Ronda Rousey

One Big Thing

Drew Gulak, a wrestler from WWE’s NXT roster, is notably absent from the lineup of an upcoming NXT show after Ronda Rousey’s public allegations against him.

Key Points

  • Ronda Rousey, in an interview on April 2, accused Gulak of inappropriate behavior.
  • Gulak allegedly grabbed the string of Rousey’s sweatpants in a way she found uncomfortable.
  • Gulak has responded, attributing the incident to an accident and stating he had apologized.
  • Despite the claims, no official statement confirms Gulak’s absence from NXT is related to the allegations.

Why It Matters

The incident raises concerns about the culture within professional wrestling, especially in how it relates to respect and treatment of female wrestlers and personalities. Rousey’s allegations against Gulak have shone a spotlight on behavior often minimized or ignored, prompting discussions on appropriate conduct and responsibility within the industry.

Response and Reaction

Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer noted that there were expectations within WWE that Gulak might no longer be part of the company. However, there is no official confirmation. Gulak’s tweet attempts to clarify the situation, emphasizing that it was an unintentional mistake followed by an apology.

Current Status

As of the April 9 episode of NXT, Drew Gulak is not scheduled to appear, contrasting with the rest of his faction, the No Quarter Catch Crew. Fightful reported his absence but did not link it directly to the allegations, and no specific reason was provided.

Looking Ahead

Details are still emerging, and the wrestling community is keenly watching for any further developments or official statements regarding the allegations against Gulak and his future with WWE.

What are your thoughts on how WWE handles allegations and the culture within professional wrestling? Leave a comment below.

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