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WWE Superstar Randy Orton Reflects on His Iconic Entrance Themes and Others

3 Key Points

  • Randy Orton shares insights on his current and past WWE entrance themes, including “Voices”.
  • Orton highlights other WWE stars’ themes he enjoys, such as AJ Styles and The New Day.
  • Despite contemplating a new theme song, his iconic “RKO” branding remains unchanged.

Orton’s Musical Journey in WWE

As a revered figure in professional wrestling, Randy Orton’s entrance themes have become as iconic as his in-ring prowess. His themes, particularly “Burn In My Light” and the more recent “Voices”, performed by Rev Theory, have garnered acclaim. In a candid discussion with WrestleRant, Orton expressed mixed feelings about “Voices”, despite its popularity among fans.

Orton’s Preferred WWE Themes

Orton doesn’t just think about his own theme music; he appreciates the power of a great entrance theme in WWE. He admitted to finding joy in the themes of The New Day, AJ Styles, and others, emphasizing how a compelling theme song enhances a wrestler’s entrance. However, his personal taste in music diverges from his character’s theme, prompting discussions about a potential new theme song prior to his return at Survivor Series.

Evolution of Orton’s Theme

The process of finding a new theme song was not without its challenges. According to Orton, efforts to change his music were stalled by similarities identified with Roman Reigns‘ theme, among other issues. In the end, the most significant change Orton embraced was redesigning his gear to feature “RKO” prominently. Despite this, Orton harbors aspirations of one day having entrance music that resonates deeply with him on a personal level.

This peek into Randy Orton’s thoughts on WWE entrance themes provides fans a glimpse into the meticulous planning that goes into one of wrestling’s most dramatic elements. While his theme may or may not change in the future, Orton’s legacy and the impact of his current theme, “Voices”, remains undisputed in the annals of WWE history.

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