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WWE Unveils Plans for ‘Exciting’ Speed Brand, Women to Compete Soon

One Big Thing

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has revealed that women will soon be competing on the WWE Speed brand, presenting them with an “exciting challenge”.

Key Points

  • WWE Speed brand launched in April, with matches airing on X (Twitter) every Wednesday
  • Matches have three minute time limits for exhibition bouts and five minutes for WWE Speed Championship matches
  • Ricochet became the first WWE Speed Champion, defeating Johnny Gargano in the tournament finals

Triple H’s Comments

“It comes from short-form content. If we could take that feeling out process that talent have in the ring with each other and just have them go for broke right when the bell rings because they only have three minutes to get the job done.

“It makes for an exciting challenge for the guys. It makes for an exciting challenge for eventually what will be the women as well.

“So far, it’s been spectacular. The talent have really embraced this and gotten into the challenge of it. It’s been exciting for them and our fans as well.”

Why It Matters

The inclusion of women in the WWE Speed brand signifies WWE’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all talent. This fast-paced, high-energy format will showcase the athleticism and quick-thinking skills of the women’s roster, adding a new dimension to their performances.

As more stars tease challenging Ricochet for the WWE Speed Championship, the brand is poised for growth and excitement, engaging fans with a unique and dynamic style of wrestling.

What do you think about women competing in the WWE Speed brand? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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