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WWE Wrestler Dragon Lee Secures External Merchandise Deal

3 Key Points

  • Dragon Lee, aligned with WWE, embarks on an exterior merchandise deal with Masked Republic for their Cinelucha brand.
  • The deal includes a selection of licensed merchandise and extends to upcoming releases like a children’s book.
  • This arrangement could indicate a shift in WWE’s historically tight restrictions on their talent engaging in outside ventures.

Dragon Lee’s Unique Merchandise Collaboration

WWE is no stranger to the lucrative world of wrestling merchandise. Despite Dragon Lee’s existing merchandise being sold through WWE’s official shop, the luchador has struck a distinctive deal with Masked Republic for their Cinelucha brand line-up.

Masked Republic’s Role in Negotiations

Reports from PW Insider highlight Masked Republic’s Lucha Libre Agency as instrumental in managing Dragon Lee’s WWE contract nuances, facilitating this remarkable arrangement for the WWE NXT North American Champion.

Approved Merchandise Beyond WWE’s Domain

In a groundbreaking move, certain Masked Republic projects, such as a Cinelucha licensed t-shirt and an upcoming children’s book, are officially sanctioned, with room for more collaborative ventures ahead.

Masked Republic’s Influence Beyond Merchandise

Beyond merchandise, Masked Republic has a track record of assisting international wrestlers with work visas, benefiting promotions like WWE and AEW, which might have contributed to their successful negotiation.

The Future of WWE Contracts and External Deals

This unique situation could be reflective of a changing tide in WWE’s external deal policies, especially considering the company’s past stance in blocking such agreements. Observers are keen to see how this development might pave the way for other WWE talents to pursue similar opportunities.

WWE’s evolving landscape, now under the new stewardship of Triple H and the TKO Group, brings a sense of anticipation about the future direction of the company’s approach to wrestler endorsements and third-party agreements.

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