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WWE’s Bianca Belair Lauded by AEW’s Thunder Rosa Amid Racist Backlash—

3 Key Points

  • Thunder Rosa praises Bianca Belair’s accomplishments and impact on wrestling.
  • Rosa condemns the racial backlash against Belair’s “WWE 2K24” cover appearance.
  • Rosa emphasizes Belair’s hard work and her positive representation of her culture.

AEW’s Thunder Rosa Speaks Out on Belair’s Behalf

WWE superstar Bianca Belair has not just captured the spotlight in wrestling; she’s also faced undue criticism. Belair, celebrated for her recent selection as one of the faces on the “WWE 2K24” video game, encountered a flood of racially charged insults online. Thunder Rosa from rival promotion AEW took to “Busted Open Radio” to share her thoughts on the matter, defending Belair’s role and influence in the industry.

Belair’s Role and Impact

Highlighting Belair’s significance, Thunder Rosa remarked on her outsized popularity and success. Beyond her dynamic in-ring performances, Belair has become a source of inspiration, particularly for young women of color. “She continues to be on top,” Rosa stated, validating WWE’s decision to feature Belair prominently. Her remarkable journey from a non-wrestler to a top star underscores her dedication and talent, which Rosa insists should be the focus rather than her race.

Rosa’s Call for Respect

Thunder Rosa also called for more thoughtful online interactions, emphasizing the toxicity of racial discrimination. She underlined that such biases should not cloud Belair’s achievements or influence fans’ enjoyment of the game. Rosa applauded Belair for her authentic representation of her culture, which has won her widespread admiration. She stressed that Belair’s stellar athleticism and compelling performances are just beginning to unfold, heralding a promising career ahead.


Thunder Rosa’s support for Bianca Belair in the face of racial backlash not only highlights the solidarity among wrestlers across promotions but also sheds light on the ongoing struggle against racism in sports. By championing Belair’s excellence and resilience, Rosa underscores the importance of recognizing talent and hard work over prejudice.

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