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Jim Ross Praises The Rock’s Impact and Evolution in Wrestling

3 Key Points

  • Jim Ross expresses admiration for The Rock’s career and influence in wrestling.
  • Ross highlights The Rock’s new heel character and its draw for future events.
  • The Rock’s authentic, edgy persona is tied to his successful wrestling and acting careers.

Legendary Voice Pays Tribute

As one of wrestling’s most iconic figures, The Rock has left an indelible mark on the industry. Jim Ross, a voice synonymous with wrestling’s most memorable moments, shared his thoughts on The Rock’s legacy during a recent episode of “Grilling JR.” Ross praised The Rock, real name Dwayne Johnson, for his intelligence and lasting impact on the world of wrestling, saying, “I’m proud of Dwayne, I really am.”

The Rock’s Heel Turn: A Strategic Move

Ross also delved into the actor and wrestler’s latest heel turn, viewing it as a strategic move to drum up interest in upcoming pay-per-view events. This new direction, according to Ross, is all about ensuring fans feel their investment in The Rock’s storylines is worthwhile.

A Lifelong Fan

The relationship between Ross and The Rock extends far back, with Ross having been integral to The Rock’s recruitment and development. This deep history fuels Ross’s unabashed fandom, as he acknowledges their shared journey from the very start of The Rock’s career in wrestling.

Raising All Ships

Ross touched on the broader implications of individual success within the industry, suggesting that The Rock’s triumphs, especially at marquee events like WrestleMania, contribute to wrestling’s overall growth. This sentiment encapsulates the belief that high tides do indeed raise all ships, benefiting companies like AEW along with WWE.

A Persona That Resonates

The Rock’s less-PG attitude in recent promos has been a hit with fans, reminiscent of his days playing football at Miami, known for its distinctive attitude. Ross believes this edgier persona aligns perfectly with The Rock’s real-life personality, making him the impactful figure he is today in both wrestling and entertainment.

By drawing from decades of experience and a personal connection with The Rock, Jim Ross provides a unique perspective on the wrestler’s illustrious career and evolving character. This testament to The Rock’s influence highlights not only his contributions to wrestling but also his greater impact on entertainment and popular culture.

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