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WWE’s Cora Jade Teases Return at NXT Deadline After Multimonth Absence

In an intriguing development in the WWE universe, eagle-eyed NXT viewers were treated to an unanticipated spoiler hidden within a QR code that aired on the latest NXT episode. Fans equipped with a keen sense of detective work were quick to decode the mystery, revealing a tease that has the wrestling community buzzing with anticipation.

As the QR code made its sneak appearance on the set, sharp viewers did not hesitate to investigate. They were led to a cryptic page containing an audio clue. A voice, eerily familiar to those who follow NXT’s weekly battles, can be heard confidently proclaiming, “See you at Deadline.” The voice, which many believe to be that of Cora Jade, suggests a much-awaited return to the NXT scene.

Adding credence to these whispers, the respected wrestling news outlet PWInsider has confirmed that Cora Jade is indeed scheduled to make her presence felt at NXT’s forthcoming premium live event, Deadline. This aligns perfectly with the enigmatic message conveyed through the audio teaser.

Recalling Jade’s recent history, her last official NXT match took place on July 25, where she was pitted against Dana Brooke in a fierce Kendo Stick match. Following her defeat, Jade left a lasting impression on the next episode of NXT. Expressing her frustration and questioning her own journey in the ring, Jade scorned the fan mail she was carrying, littering it in the arena as a sign of her discontent and declaring her departure from the wrestling spotlight.

Since that memorable ‘locker room walkout’ on August 1, 2023, Jade has maintained a low-key profile, with her social media activity being the only faint signal of her wrestling spirit during her absence from WWE television screens.

As excitement mounts and speculation runs rampant, WWE NXT’s social media feeds have left fans to ponder over the potential storyline twists her return might unleash. With Cora Jade’s connection to the NXT Deadline event now all but confirmed, anticipation builds for what this could mean for her career trajectory and the NXT women’s division.

Keep track of all the latest twists and turns from NXT, and don’t miss what promises to be a dynamic comeback at Deadline. Wrestling enthusiasts can stay current on all the essential news by following our dedicated NXT coverage and by joining the conversation on social media. As we count down to what could be a pivotal moment in Cora Jade’s career, this is one storyline fans won’t want to miss.

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