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Braun Strowman Shares Teenage Crush on WWE Legend Trish Stratus in Candid Interview

In an industry where larger-than-life personas clash inside the squared circle, it’s easy to forget that the titans of the wrestling world were once fans themselves, complete with childhood crushes and heroes who inspired them. One such revelation comes from the “Monster of All Monsters,” Braun Strowman, as he peeled back the curtain on his own formative years as a wrestling enthusiast.

In a heartfelt discussion with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Strowman took a trip down memory lane, reflecting on his adolescence and how Trish Stratus, the vaunted WWE Hall of Famer, captured his youthful imagination.

Having dominated the WWE Women’s division with a blend of athleticism and charisma from 2000 to 2006, Trish Stratus not only secured the Women’s Championship seven times but also won the hearts of fans worldwide, including a young Strowman during his high school days. “That’s a tough one. There’s a lot. Probably Trish Stratus, when I was in high school, like so many other young boys,” Strowman confessed, sharing a relatable moment of ‘puppy love’ with the WWE Universe.

The candid nature of Strowman’s admission goes to show that even the most fearsome competitors had heroes and crushes that shaped their early love for the sport. It reminds us that at one point, these colossal figures were simply fans looking up to the stars that dazzled them on the screen.

In the same interview, Strowman also opened up about his longstanding friendship with fellow WWE superstar Bray Wyatt. He shared insights into what makes Wyatt a unique presence in the wrestling industry, highlighting the attributes that set him apart from the rest of the locker room. This nod to Wyatt’s singular talents further emphasizes the respect and camaraderie that exists among wrestlers, adding depth to their on-screen personas.

As for Strowman’s revelation about his teenage days, it’s a testament to Trish Stratus’s lasting impact on the industry and her role in inspiring the next generation of wrestling talent. Now a celebrated figure in WWE’s history, Stratus’s blend of beauty and brawn ensured her legacy as an idol to many young fans who have since transformed into the superstars of today.

Wrestling enthusiasts often have their own stories of wrestling crushes or idols that drew them closer to the sport. Braun Strowman’s acknowledgment of his past infatuation with Trish Stratus adds to that rich tapestry of personal connections to wrestling’s storied past.

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