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WWE’s Effort to Exclude Vince McMahon from WWE 2K24 Amid Controver

3 Key Points

  • Vince McMahon faces a lawsuit for sexual trafficking, leading WWE to consider removing him from WWE 2K24.
  • Despite resigning, McMahon denies all allegations as baseless.
  • Wrestling community and fans ponder on McMahon’s legacy and potential impact on WWE 2K24.


The world of professional wrestling is currently abuzz with a controversial issue surrounding Vince McMahon, the erstwhile linchpin of WWE. Following a lawsuit that has painted McMahon in a rather unfavorable light, there appears to be a significant shift in how WWE intends to feature him in the upcoming WWE 2K24 video game.

The Lawsuit Against McMahon

At the heart of the controversy is a lawsuit filed by Janel Grant, a former WWE employee, accusing Vince McMahon of sexual trafficking and misconduct. Grant’s allegations detail non-consensual sharing of explicit content involving high-ranking WWE personnel and renowned wrestling figures. This lawsuit has prompted McMahon to step down from his positions at WWE and TKO Holdings, though he rigorously disputes the claims as unfounded.

McMahon’s Erasure from WWE 2K24

As a reaction to the lawsuit, discussions about phasing McMahon out of WWE’s narrative, especially in the WWE 2K24 video game, have surfaced. Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer shared insights on WWE’s potential efforts to remove McMahon from the game. However, completely extracting him from the franchise’s rich history is recognized as a nearly impossible task.

Industry Reaction

Missy Hyatt, among others in the wrestling community, has vocalized criticism towards McMahon, citing disproportionate expenditures on controversies compared to wrestling investments. Furthermore, the merger entity TKO Holdings was reportedly aware of the allegations against McMahon before they came to light, adding another layer of complexity to WWE’s handling of the situation.


The wrestling world stands at a pivotal juncture as it grapples with the repercussions of Vince McMahon’s actions and their potential impact on WWE 2K24. As we await further developments, the question of McMahon’s legacy and his place in WWE history continues to provoke discussion among fans and insiders alike.

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