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WWE’s Grayson Waller Tags Randy Orton as Overrated on Social Media—

3 Key Points

  • Grayson Waller criticizes Randy Orton on Twitter, labeling him “overrated” after a recent SmackDown event.
  • Randy Orton secured a victory against Austin Theory with an assist from Kevin Owens amidst ongoing feuds.
  • Waller’s comments may fuel further rivalry ahead of significant WWE matchups, particularly as WrestleMania approaches.

Background of the Conflict

In a climactic culmination to last week’s SmackDown, Randy Orton faced off against Austin Theory in a match sparked by a tense backstage exchange involving Orton, Theory, and Grayson Waller. Orton emerged victorious, landing an RKO on Theory, while commentary was provided by Kevin Owens, who later joined Orton to fend off interference from Waller and Theory. This riveting main event ties back to an escalating conflict with United States Champion Logan Paul, who has been at odds with both Owens and Orton since the Elimination Chamber event.

Waller’s Provocative Tweet

In a provocative move, Grayson Waller took to Twitter with a message aimed directly at Randy Orton. Waller’s tweet implied he’s been haunted by thoughts that Orton is “overrated.” This statement came in the aftermath of their SmackDown encounter and seems to fan the flames of their rivalry. “It’s been a weird few days, I’ve started hearing voices in my head. They keep saying ‘Randy Orton is overrated,'” Waller expressed on his social media, echoing Orton’s own entrance theme lyrics but with a twist meant to taunt.

Implications for WWE Storylines

Grayson Waller’s bold statement against Randy Orton signifies more than just post-match banter; it hints at deeper animosities that may influence their paths in WWE. As WrestleMania season approaches, such confrontations and verbal exchanges are pivotal in setting the stage for high-stakes matchups. This incident not only adds a layer of intrigue to Waller’s character but also hints at potential future showdowns in the ring, where scores will ultimately be settled.

As the WWE universe looks on, it’s clear that the drama off the ring is just as compelling as the physical showdowns on it. Waller’s claim of Orton being “overrated” is a strategic move, positioning him in the spotlight and potentially leading to a significant storyline that could captivate audiences in the build-up to WrestleMania and beyond.

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