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WWE’s Liv Morgan Sparks Speculation with Cryptic Judgment Day Teas

One Big Thing

WWE star Liv Morgan has set the wrestling world abuzz by sharing photos on Twitter that appear to tease a potential connection to The Judgment Day faction.

Key Points

  • Liv Morgan shared photos of herself standing next to a WWE truck featuring an image of Rhea Ripley, a member of The Judgment Day.
  • In one photo, a purple bandanna resembling The Judgment Day’s colors is seen peeking out of Morgan’s pocket.
  • Morgan recently confronted Dominik Mysterio, another Judgment Day member, on WWE Raw, although no words were exchanged.

The Feud Continues

The tease comes amidst an ongoing feud between Morgan and Ripley, which began when Morgan legitimately injured Ripley, forcing her to vacate the WWE Women’s World Championship. Despite Ripley’s recovery, the two have continued to trade barbs on social media.

Why It Matters

If Morgan were to align with The Judgment Day, it would mark a significant shift in her character and potentially shake up the dynamics of the women’s division. The tease has generated significant buzz among fans, who are eagerly speculating about what the future may hold for Morgan and The Judgment Day.

As the wrestling world awaits further developments, one thing is clear: Liv Morgan knows how to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Do you think Liv Morgan will join The Judgment Day? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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