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WWE’s Potential New Star Giulia May Face AEW’s Mercedes Mone

3 Key Points

  • Giulia, on the brink of leaving Stardom, hints at a WWE jump and a bout with Mercedes Mone.
  • Mercedes Mone expected to debut in AEW, possibly facing NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion Giulia.
  • Giulia won the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship from Willow Nightingale, setting her sights on Mercedes Mone.

Wrestling Worlds May Collide

In the world of professional wrestling, where alliances are as shifting as the tides, one rumoured WWE signing might soon find herself in the ring with AEW’s latest star, Mercedes Mone. With Giulia’s contract with Stardom coming to an end this March, speculation is ripe about her next move. Her recent comments have stirred the pot, suggesting a potential WWE tenure and a dream match impending.

Giulia’s Next Chapter

Giulia’s journey in Stardom concluded under a cloud, following executive changes at Bushiroad, with whispers of WWE being her next destination growing louder. Despite these transitions, she’s remained focused on her current accolade as the NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion. Giulia articulated her vision to Tokyo Sports, voicing a determined challenge to face and triumph over Mercedes Mone, thereby solidifying her championship reign.

A Clash of Titans?

Mercedes Mone’s anticipated arrival in AEW, marked by her debut at the AEW Big Business event in Boston on March 13, adds layers to this unfolding drama. This sets the stage for a potential cross-promotion clash with Giulia, who snatched the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship from Willow Nightingale. Nightingale had previously dethroned Mercedes, weaving an intricate web amongst these formidable wrestlers.

This potential face-off between Giulia and Mercedes Mone encapsulates the ever-evolving and unpredictable nature of professional wrestling, promising fans a spectacle of skill, ambition, and rivalry that transcends promotional boundaries.

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