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WWE’s QR Code Theory Continues To Be Mystical

WWE has a new story or should we say a game, better than their WWE 2k Games where people are still trying to figure out who this person or person(s) could be. The QR Code has become an integral part of all storylines and there are even some videos being shown related to the QR code.

These videos are some hints or rather easter eggs about what holds for the person or person(s) that are returning or have returned to the WWE. Let’s understand that Karrion Kross was called White Rabbit, but it seems like he is not the one behind these promos.

Malakai Black is one contender who could be behind these promos as he asked for some time off from AEW and even his release which according to Khan hasn’t been given to anyone, including Buddy Matthews. So who’s the one behind this QR Code and what message is being sent our way through this? Let’s try to decode it:

The video after scanning the QR Code showed a zip code 40701 which is for an area of southern Kentucky with its largest town being Corbin. Bray Wyatt had his final match against Baron Corbin on a house show on Dec. 30, 2018, before transforming into The Fiend. 

There is also White Rabbit Records as well as a hotel called Baymont by Wyndham Corbin. It points to the fact that Bray Wyatt could be behind all these hints and if so then he is doing an excellent job at keeping the fans involved and perplexed at the same time.

There were some coordinates in the video which led toward “The outline of pink bunny” in Artesina, Italy. It had a hare which was called Colletto Fava, located in Italy’s Piedmont region. In 2005, artists from the Viennese group Gelitin erected a massive stuffed punk bunny with the guts spilling out. The 200-feet long and 20-feet high artwork came down in 2016 but the outline still exists.

The video also has words from Malakai Black, ‘No Man is Ever Truly Good, No Man is Ever Truly Evil’ but Black has clarified in his Instagram post that he is still with AEW, so it rules that out. It captures footage from Cody Rhodes’ ‘dashing’ character days and one has to see how this pans out.

To conclude, we think it’s all Bray Wyatt, and just like Vince McMahon once said, ‘It’s me Austin, It was me all along,’ Bray Wyatt would come out and say it was him all along. Let’s see how this happens and what happens next.

What are your thoughts on this possibility? Sound off in the comments.

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