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WWE’s Sonya Deville Swaps Wrestling Ring for Movie Set Amid Hiatus

3 Key Points

  • Sonya Deville lands her first film role in “DNA Secrets” during her break from WWE action.
  • The film is directed by David Yates and features Deville as a police officer.
  • Deville compares the movie production experience to live WWE events, appreciating the option for multiple takes in the film industry.

From Wrestling to the Silver Screen

In an exciting pivot from her usual arena, former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Sonya Deville has entered the world of cinema with a role in the upcoming movie “DNA Secrets.” Directed by David Yates, known for his work on the Dolphin Tale franchise, the film promises an intriguing storyline revolving around an antique store owner and a mysterious string of deaths linked to DNA kits.

Deville on Film vs. WWE

Transitioning from the high-stakes environment of WWE to a film set has been an exhilarating shift for Deville. In discussions about her new role, she highlights the similarities between the two worlds, such as the constant readiness required, yet she also enjoys the leniency of retakes that the film industry affords, contrasting it with the one-shot nature of live WWE broadcasts.

The Path to the Big Screen

Deville’s venture into acting comes after an enforced break from wrestling following a severe ACL injury during a July edition of SmackDown. The injury, which led to her indefinite departure from in-ring competition and her relinquishment of the Women’s Tag Team Championship, has opened the door for her to explore new opportunities outside the ring while she recuperates.

Final Thoughts

Sonya Deville’s transition from WWE superstar to actress in “DNA Secrets” showcases her versatility and resilience. While her fans eagerly await her return to wrestling, her debut on the big screen is a testament to her talents beyond the ring. As Deville navigates this exciting chapter of her career, her move could inspire more wrestlers to explore their potentials within the entertainment industry.

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