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WWE’s Strategy on Utilizing the Towering Omos as a Special Attraction

3 Key Points:

  • Omos’s infrequent WWE TV appearances and future potential
  • Insider insights on WWE’s creative direction for Omos
  • Comparing Vince McMahon and Triple H’s booking styles for Omos

Updates on Omos’s WWE Role

The monumental figure known as Omos has been noticeably absent from WWE’s television broadcasts since the high-profile event of SummerSlam. Despite this, the towering Nigerian superstar continues to impress the crowds during live events, a strategy which has been speculated upon by insiders.

Insider Perspectives on Omos’s Position

A note from Sean Sapp behind Fightful’s exclusive paywall has illuminated WWE’s internal beliefs about Omos. It’s suggested that the organization sees him as an “attraction Superstar,” implying that his unique stature doesn’t necessitate weekly TV appearances, although he remains a staple of live shows.

Omos: A Special Attraction?

Since last making an impact at SummerSlam, Omos has been largely off the televised scene, with a WrestleMania appearance being one of the few exceptions. Despite sparse creative ideas coming his way, WWE sources believe in Omos’s potential to fascinate audiences, as evidenced by his regular engagements at live events, where he frequently battles competitors like Akira Tozawa.

The Future for Omos in WWE

Omos’s distinctive abilities are not in question; what remains to be seen is how further in-ring experience will polish these skills for television-ready action. There is an eagerness to watch whether the new era under Triple H’s guidance will shift the narrative for Omos, contrasting with Vince McMahon’s traditional preference for showcasing such larger-than-life talents.

Your thoughts matter to us. How do you perceive WWE’s current handling of Omos? Engage with our comments section to share your views!

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