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8 Opponents The Hardy Boyz Can Face In AEW

While a list of opponents the Hardy Boyz would be facing on their next run in the indies was released, I thought it would be fun to see just which opponents they can face in AEW. Of course Jeff Hardy signing with AEW isn’t a sure thing yet, it is expected to happen soon, and we’re all hyped up about it for sure, as I’m sure you are as well, dear readers.

Of course rumors of an AEW debut for Jeff have been circulating since his WWE release and his brother Matt and he have hinted at it happening, so let’s just say it’s possibly imminent and leave it at that for right now.

What is sure though, is that a few matches have been announced for the indie circuit and they’re definitely a reason to get excited. The list includes many respected wrestlers on the circuit and who currently wrestle at some of the major promotions in the game:

On Saturday March 12th, they’ll be at Big Time Wrestling in Webster, MA at the Webster Town Hall. There they will be facing the winners of The SAT vs. The Briscoes match which will be taking place during the course of that event; on Sunday March 13th, they’ll be at Big Time Wrestling in Albany, NY at the Washington Avenue Armory. There they will be pitted against Matt Cardona and Brian Myers; on Saturday March 19th, they’ll be at the Patriotic Wrestling Federation event in Clover, SC at the Clover High School…

There they will wrestle Griff Garrison and Marcus Kross; on Sunday March 27th, they’ll be at the Northeast Wrestling event in Waterbury, CT at Crosby High School. There they will be pitted against Caz XL and nZo, which of course is a big draw; on Saturday April 9th, at the Big Time Wrestling and Great Lakes Championship Wrestling event in Waukesha, WI at the Waukesha County Expo Center. Their opponents there have not yet been announced. And finally on Sunday May 15th at the MCW Spring Fever event in Millersville, MD at the Benfield Sports Center. There they will wrestle Matt Taven and Mike Bennett of the Honor No More faction getting steam over at Impact Wrestling.  

The Hardy Boyz have had fun hinting at their reuniting and hints at an AEW run are equally fun it seems, so we decided to have a little fun of our own. Here are 8 possible matches the Hardy Boyz can have in AEW….

8. Lucha Bros.

via WrestleCon Fan Convention /YouTube

The Hardy Boyz are legends and although that’s a clear understatement, it needs to be said. They could have an epic match alongside these legends of the ring, and a high energy bout at that. They’ve faced each other before, and it was as perfect as can be imagined.

7. Sting and Darby Allin

With this team, the Hardy Boyz can face a little of the past, as Jeff has faced Sting before, and although it was a dark period in his life, I’m sure he’d love another chance at setting things right and giving the audience, himself and Sting, something he can be proud of.


6. Jurassic Express

This would be the perfect meshing of legends and younger talent. And besides, Jurassic Express has Christian in their corner…the perfect man to have in their corner for say, a TLC match, right there in AEW!

5. The Gunn Club

These young dudes too can have quite a match with these legends of the ring. Their dad, Billy would be good to go to in terms of advice, as always. He too has had his fair share of run-ins with the Hardy Boyz after all.

via WWE /YouTube

4. 2point0

These guys cut an epic promo and back it up in the ring for sure. It would be awesome to watch them go at it in a feud that lasts a while.

3. The House Of Black

The Hardy Boyz have their own history with horror-oriented story lines. This pairing not only makes sense, but perhaps can be considered a license to print money.

via MASH EMPIRE /YouTube

2. ReDRagon

Two epic athletes that I am absolutely thrilled to see in AEW—Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Here they can face a plethora of stars on this list and not only, but seeing them against the Hardys on the AEW platform would be huge indeed.

1. The Young Bucks

via Highspots Wrestling Network /YouTube

The Bucks are of course old rivals of theirs and together the two teams made history a few times. What’s to stop them from making history yet again and in AEW to boot?

Finger crossed dear readers.

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