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Adam Cole May Be AEW-Bound After All—2.0 Talks about Their Rise in the Business

News about Adam Cole joining the main roster on Raw or SmackDown after his match with Kyle O’Reilly at TakeOver 36 has been abundant in recent weeks. Apparently Vince McMahon told his head writers to prepare storylines for Cole after a pretty hush-hush meeting the two had (although it was well known that the two did sit down).

Adam Cole in AEW (Bay! Bay!)?

What remains unclear is if Cole had in fact signed a long term contract with WWE or not. Many had speculated—myself included—that maybe Cole was AEW-Bound, but after news of the meeting with Vince broke, I figured, as did many other pro wrestling journalists in the business, that those chances were in fact over and done with.

Apparently not, folks.

On one of his recent Twitch sessions, Cole let something slip that ended up being quite telling and may have shed some light onto where this epic talent might be headed after all.

As was reported by, Cole stated to some Twitch users that his Twitch channel wasn’t moving or that he would never take it down; essentially he was staying on Twitch.

The interesting thing here, according to the article at, is that main roster talent at WWE aren’t allowed to have Twitch accounts.

Very interesting.

Now, this could mean a myriad of things. We shouldn’t take this at face value; as for Cole, his Twitch account and his connection to his gaming fans is very important to him. He is a gamer through and through—perhaps it defines him, even as much as wrestling does, if not just a tad less.

So perhaps this was a stipulation he asked to include in his contract with WWE; essentially stating: “Let me keep my Twitch account and I’ll stay.” Does it seem likely? Who knows?

It could be, but we also know, that if Vince McMahon prohibits something, not even John Cena would be allowed a pass.

AEW doesn’t at all frown upon their wrestlers having Twitch accounts or what have you. Heck…they even share their talent with smaller promotions, as we all know.

So yeah, there are indeed still a lot of questions to this mystery; perhaps even more than before, but it is promising to see that there still is a possibility for Cole to walk out on Dynamite or now Rampage. He would be better treated, if you ask me, as I’ve stated in my writings before.

But rest assured, dear readers, we’ll stay on it like Detective Elliott Stabler on a seemingly unsolvable case…and we’ll keep you posted.

Jericho and 2.0 come face-to-face

Well, they didn’t exactly come face-to-face per se, but they did have an epic conversation that you should definitely check out on Talk Is Jericho.

They went over their beginnings in the Montréal wrestling circuit—their time at IWS—and their rise amongst the ranks at many promotions in the business of professional wrestling.

They cover the details about their WWE release, that to them was such a shock. They also went into some pretty shocking statements regarding the inner workings over at NXT, which are actually as bleak as they would seem to many right now in the press—NXT going through quite the controversy right now in the media (massive releases, backstage turmoil, overall morale backstage, etc..).

They spoke about how they were actually doing well with NXT and with the crowd before their sudden release: they had been working with the writers closely, moving forward… and then Boom! They were released. Matt Lee said:

“…we were just building these characters on TV every week…and they pulled the rug right from under us…”

via Talk Is Jericho

Regardless, they’ve had an epic start to their AEW career, and tonight on AEW Dynamite, they face none other than Sting and Darby Allin. Many on Twitter have made their feelings known about the bout and 2.0’s overall being in AEW:

Even Matt Lee of 2.0 made his feelings known:

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