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AEW Expansion: Additional Pay-Per-Views and Their Impact on Buy Rates

3 Key Points:

  • AEW introduces additional PPVs, including AEW WrestleDream and AEW Worlds End.
  • Eric Bischoff provides insights on potential PPV audience retention challenges.
  • AEW’s future media rights could pivot towards streaming platforms.

AEW’s Evolving Pay-Per-View Strategy

The landscape of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has seen significant transformations in 2023. A noteworthy development is the inclusion of new pay-per-view (PPV) events into their programming schedule. This move symbolizes an ambitious expansion for the flourishing wrestling promotion.

Analysis from Industry Veteran Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff, during a segment on “83 Weeks,” offered his perspective on the potential consequences of AEW’s increased PPV frequency. Bischoff voiced concerns about consumer spending thresholds for PPV events. Given the price-sensitive nature of entertainment purchases, Bischoff projects a possible decline in PPV buy rates.

Bischoff’s Potential PPV Buy Rate Decline Forecast

Elaborating on the numbers, Bischoff anticipates a dip of 15-25% in PPV buy rates over the next year. However, he notes that the additional PPV events could compensate for this short-term loss, possibly leading to an increase in AEW’s overall profits.

The Long-Term Perspective on PPV Formats

The conversation then steered towards the longevity of the PPV model. Bischoff paralleled it to linear television, indicating a gradual decline in relevance. Although not terminal, shifting viewing habits suggest a need for AEW to adapt.

Exploring AEW’s Streaming Potential with Warner Bros. Discovery

Furthering the dialogue, Bischoff expressed astonishment over AEW’s lack of a streaming deal with their current cable partner, Warner Bros. Discovery. This observation hints at potential shifts in content distribution for AEW. With the organization’s media rights up for renegotiation in 2024, a focus on streaming services, as hinted by AEW CEO Tony Khan, could foretell a strategic pivot in response to evolving viewer preferences.

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