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Exploring AEW’s Mysterious Devil Angle: Potential Reveals Discussed by Wrestling Veterans

3 Key Points

  • MJF’s tormentor remains cloaked in mystery as the AEW storyline builds suspense.
  • Wrestling icons Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer weigh in on potential outcomes.
  • The importance of a satisfying reveal is stressed, invoking wrestling history lessons.

The Intrigue of MJF’s Unknown Adversary

In the high-stakes world of professional wrestling storytelling, AEW is currently orchestrating a narrative that is gripping fans’ attention. For months, AEW World Champion MJF has faced an elusive “devilish” nemesis, a character concealed behind a mask, whose identity has sparked widespread speculation and debate within the wrestling community.

Veteran Insights on Wrestling Storytelling

The storyline’s critical juncture was a topic of discussion on Busted Open Radio, where industry stalwarts Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer deliberated the potential conclusions of this saga. Dreamer, aware of wrestling’s historical blunders, cautioned against a lackluster reveal, drawing a parallel with WCW’s “Black Scorpion” story that many found disappointing upon the unveiling of Ric Flair as the antagonist.

Fan Expectations Versus Story Potential

Even as theories abound—with names like Britt Baker, Adam Cole, and Jack Perry touted as possible culprits—the consensus among seasoned pros like Dreamer is that satisfying fan predictions post-reveal is a tall order. Dreamer reminisced about the buzz when CM Punk was a part of AEW, suggesting that he would have been a formidable choice to be “The Devil.”

Navigating the Reveal with Precision

Bully Ray underscored that, should Jack Perry be the figure behind the mask, AEW must apply a strategic narrative approach, similar to the “Aces and Eights” storyline in Impact Wrestling. He stressed the importance of recounting the story effectively to remind the audience of key developments that may have been forgotten.

Strategizing the Unveiling

Building further on the potential climax of this storyline, Bully Ray posited the reveal should be unexpected, possibly involving personalities both from within AEW and the broader wrestling world. Cleverly avoiding spoiling the surprise for fans, he expressed his eagerness to see AEW succeed with an impactful revelation, paralleling his patient optimism for past storylines like WWE’s Retribution.

The wrestling community awaits with bated breath as AEW prepares to unveil the mastermind behind MJF’s torment. Speculation is rampant, but the true identity of “The Devil” remains shrouded in mystery, ensuring that when the moment of truth arrives, the impact will reverberate throughout the wrestling world.

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