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AEW Secures Rights to Legendary WWE Themes Including Too Cool’s Music

3 Key Points

  • Scott Taylor debuts with Too Cool’s theme in AEW match.
  • AEW has licensed a music library with iconic WWE themes.
  • Scott ‘Scotty 2 Hotty’ Garland’s wrestling and coaching history highlighted.

Scott Taylor’s Nostalgic AEW Debut

Former WWE superstar Scott Taylor made a splash in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) appearing with the iconic Too Cool theme. His entrance set a familiar tone for the fans as he executed a well-known finisher, which carried a wave of nostalgia.

AEW Gains Access to Classic WWE Themes

Digging deeper into this nostalgic moment, Fightful Select has shed light on the arrangement allowing AEW to utilize such classic entrance music. AEW, nurturing a relationship with music rights holders, now has access to themes like Too Cool’s, the Hardy Boyz’s, and even that of Hardcore and Crash Holly.

In-Ring Collaboration and Potential Roles

Taylor’s showcase wasn’t a one-off. Tagging with The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass, his team triumphed over opposing forces. His participation in AEW doesn’t come as a complete surprise, given he was previously considered for matches and expressed interest in performing for the promotion alongside his coaching commitments.

Scott Garland’s Professional Journey

Garland, known by fans as Scotty 2 Hotty, wasn’t always a coach. Before contributing his expertise to the WWE Performance Center, he charmed wrestling audiences worldwide. Launching his memorable collaboration with Brian Christopher at WrestleMania XIV, he achieved status as both WWF Light Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion. With titles under his belt, both with Grand Master Sexay and Rikishi, his legacy in the industry endures.

A Look at Taylor’s AEW Future

As the industry buzzes over Taylor’s successful AEW appearance, the door remains open for what could come next. Will this lead to more appearances or perhaps a more substantive role within AEW? Wrestling fans are certainly watching with anticipation.

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