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AEW Star Scorpio Sky Signs 5-Year Contract Extension With The Company

Scorpio Sky signed with All Elite Wrestling when the company first started back in 2019 and when they started signing talents to join the promotion, but it wasn’t revealed at the time how long Sky’s deal with AEW is. It would then be revealed during the All Out Buy-In Pre-Show last month that Scorpio Sky had signed a new deal with the company, but it wasn’t made clear at the time if it was real or just a storyline.

Speaking with Mike Johnson of, Scorpio Sky discussed his contract status with All Elite Wrestling and he also revealed that the announcement at the All Out Buy-In Pre-Show was real and that he did sign a contract extension with All Elite Wrestling, which will see him compete in AEW for five more years.

This is what Scorpio Sky said:

“I [signed the deal] right around the time of the Pay-Per-View. I’m happy to be with AEW for at least five more years.”

Scorpio Sky also spoke about AEW President and CEO Tony Khan and how his vision for AEW has come into fruition and how good things have been happening for AEW from day one because of Tony Khan’s love for the pro wrestling business and his eye for talent.

This is what Scorpio Sky said:

“I wish I knew what made him tick. He’s a special kind of guy.” “He obviously has a vision, which we’ve seen many, many, many times. He’s proven that that vision is clear and when you see it come to light, good things happen. Good things like AEW, good things like we’ve seen in AEW, the talent he’s been able to attract even before the big names that have come in this year. If you look from day one, bringing in the Young Bucks, bringing in SCU, bringing in Chris Jericho and Cody and Hangman and Kenny, from day one, he’s had his eye on talent. This is a guy that loves the wrestling business, and it comes through like that. He’s not in this business to make money. He’s not in this business for clout. He’s not a money mark. He’s a guy that loves the wrestling business.”

“I think that’s why people got behind AEW and that’s why people get behind Tony. Whenever Tony walks out on the stage, people cheer and bow and chant his name because he’s one of them, and he’s giving the fans what they want to see.” “He’s a very, very smart guy. He’s got a memory like no one I’ve ever seen. I mean, you can have a small two-second conversation with him… Two seconds, who can talk in two seconds? But a small 20-second conversation with him in a loud room that you won’t remember the next day, and he’ll remind you of it a month later. “Hey, sir, I didn’t forget about this.” Like, “Oh, holy crap. I did. Sorry.”

Scorpio Sky then talked about how working for Tony Khan has been great and that he loves it as he has always shown faith in him and that is something he has really truly appreciated. Sky also spoke about how Khan saw something in him early on and until this day he still sees it, which is why his contract in AEW was extended, so he is going to be with AEW for a long, long time and that is due Tony Khan as well as his vision.

This is what Scorpio Sky said:

“Working for him is great. I love it. He’s always shown faith in me, and it’s something that I’ve really truly appreciated. He saw something in me very, very early on. He still sees it, evident by the contract extension that I just signed so I’m going to be with AEW for a long, long time. A lot of that comes down to Tony Khan and his vision. There’s nothing more I can say about it. Nothing but good things to say about working for a guy like that.”

Scorpio Sky’s early days in AEW saw him as a member of SoCal Uncensored alongside Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. After SCU split up, Sky was paired with Ethan Page and they have formed The Men of the Year team.

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