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Danielson Receives Death Threats from Irate WWE Fans—Is AJ Styles Impact-Bound?

Bryan Danielson entered AEW full of steam. As he told the press at the media scrum following his debut at All Out, he was ready to wrestle and perhaps do things that WWE had blocked him from doing in AEW, which was essentially to wrestle in the aggressive style that he had been used to prior to injury.

Well, it would seem that a whole bunch of outraged WWE loyalists have decided to turn on Bryan, as it was reported by, and all because he was simply doing what was best for his own career and legacy in professional wrestling. This cannot be denied.

Yet it would seem that denial is where a lot of these loyalists are dwelling right now. They have made threats not only to him, but to his son. This is just another recent example of ‘everyone on social media allowed to have a voice’ goes wrong—very wrong.

And there are many examples of this in the news right now. Just look at the recent John Cusack debacle. The legendary actor was actually criticized for being a fan of both the White Sox and the Cubs, but supporting the White Sox in a recent game against the Astros! He was actually accosted, the video of the confrontation going viral.

via Barstool Chicago /YouTube

Seriously?! People have the right to root for whomever they want and no one…not some punk with a phone and internet connection who thinks he or she is all-powerful and all-knowing because of it; not  a member of the legitimate media; not anyone has the right to try and defame that person.


For the record, Cusack stood up to the aggressor, even making him look like quite the fool.

And with this Danielson issue here; no one has the right to express violence to a man who made the right career move for himself and his family.

This is online bullying and a sort of terrorism, these individuals wreaking havoc on someone’s professional life and personal life. Bryan Danielson had some comments on these threats. He spoke to 6abc about it:

“…It’s weird. There’s a decent amount of tribalism in our culture today. Let’s say politically. If you’re right, everything on the left is bad; if you’re left, everything on the right is bad. Same thing with wrestling…The worst would be like sending me (messages) on Instagram saying, ‘I hope you die,’ or ‘I hope your son dies.’ But that’s a small minority. I think wrestling fans for the most part are great people and great humans…But what it does is it’s kind of like conspiracy theories; because the really bad conspiracy theory, like flat earth or something like that. The issue is distrust. They don’t have a trust…So the most hardcore of these people who are saying these horrible things, why are they mad? …Well, because (they reason): ‘We supported you for years and years and we’re the ones who pushed you to this level, and we feel like you’ve betrayed us or we feel like you’ve left us‘ …”

via metro

And we’re talking about a guy that left WWE on good terms. He wasn’t at all critical of WWE; he didn’t bash Vince McMahon or the product. He was very gracious and still, these people went after them.

AJ Styles back at Impact Wrestling?!

It was during a media press call, according to, that Doc Gallows spoke about his longtime friend in the industry, AJ Styles, and the possibility of his returning to Impact Wrestling. He said:

“…I’ll say this, I don’t know what the schedule is or what kinda surprises IMPACT Wrestling has in store for the Hall of Fame or Bound For Glory. I would be very remiss if I didn’t say that before AJ Styles hangs up the boots, I’m highly confident we’ll see him in an IMPACT Wrestling ring at least one more time…”


And with tensions between Paul Heyman and AJ Styles being high ever since the release of Gallows and Anderson at the start of the pandemic, who knows where AJ’s head is at.

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It must be kept in mind though, that he did sign a new contract in 2019 and apparently it may have been for at least 5 years, if not more. So time will tell.

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