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AEW’s Cassidy, Black, Uno and Others Appear at PWG Event—Josh Alexander Wants to Face AEW Wrestlers

The forbidden door is that gift that certainly just keeps on giving and in more ways than one, dear readers. So many AEW stars appeared at a Pro Wrestling Guerilla event recently, the word invasion definitely comes to mind. Speaking of the forbidden door, X Division Champion over at Impact, Josh Alexander, states that he has the AEW roster in his sights.

AEW takes Pro Wrestling Guerilla by storm

As was reported by f4wonline, it was at the Mystery Vortex 7 event of PWG’s that an influx of AEW stars were involved. A bunch of other stars from other promotions were on hand as well.

Perhaps the most note-worthy was none other than Malakai Black, who definitely seems to be spreading his wings since his release from WWE this past June. His outlook is best explained in comments he made in an interview with Metal Injection’s Squared Circle Pit:

“…As soon as I got released, it was funny because my wife cried and I actually kind of started laughing because I just kind of went like, well, you just built me for like five or six weeks. You made me come back and now you pull me off TV…And I don’t know, the whole thing to me just felt like I couldn’t just take it serious anymore. And I was like, at the edge of my (life), this is just not worth it. And I felt this huge relief, and I just started laughing…”

via Metal Injection’s Squared Circle Pit/

This outlook certainly shows where his mind is at moving forward, and as can be seen with so many stars being released by WWE, AEW is most definitely the Promised Land, because they can do and appear at so many other promotions and Indy shows, making their name and their work that much more vastly known than it was and/or would be on the single stage and platform they were made to work with in WWE.

Also at the PWG event were AEW roster heavyweights, Orange Cassidy, who went one on one with the evil one (but not so evil), Evil Uno. Ring of Honor wrestlers like Bandido and Brody King were also on hand, as was Black Taurus of Impact Wrestling.

Josh Alexander has the AEW locker room in his sights

Speaking of Impact Wrestling, the X Division champion himself, Josh Alexander has made some bold and exciting statements according to a report at

“…Black Taurus, you were AAA’s best. If we look at my title reign, I’ve beaten someone from New Japan that’s supposedly the best, someone from AAA that’s supposedly the best; I have run through the entire IMPACT X-Division. So maybe I need to look elsewhere…We’re talking about all these different promotions coming at Bound For Glory. AEW, yeah, you know who I’m talking about. I’m saying you give me your best, and we will see which division matters most in this company…”


Bold statements indeed and the possibilities of where this can go and who he can wrestle are most definitely endless, it would most certainly seem.

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