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Arn Anderson On Vince McMahon Being Against Blood And More

Professional Wrestling Legend “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson, who is currently the manager of TNT Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes in AEW, recently took to his ARN podcast to talk about WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon being against blood sometime in 2010, but Cena and Sheamus being involved in a Steel Cage Match and never using the cage as a weapon which is why the match shouldn’t have happened in a cage in the first place.

This is what Arn Anderson said:

“Don’t run him into the cage cause he might bleed, how ludacris is that?” “If you can’t use the cage as a weapon and you can’t bleed, what the hell are you doing in a cage? The answer would’ve been don’t have a cage match. Cage matches are meant for guys like heels that have screwed the baby face time after time and now he’s locked in the cage.”

Arn Anderson then talked about the big mistake WWE made with The Nexus interfering in John Cena’s match at the 2010 MITB PPV and the way WWE should have ended them.

This is what Arn Anderson said:

“The one fumble was taking any heat off those guys.” “If they would’ve gotten in that cage with Cena and all those kids would’ve left Cena in a pile [of blood], you would’ve put more heat on those guys. I think they got their water cut off a year and a half too soon. They should’ve ran with those guys for at least a couple years before you start breaking them up.”

Arn Anderson then talked about the WWE not having to put the title on somebody to get them over, instead WWE putting the title on the guy that is the most over.

This is what Arn Anderson said:

“You never put the title on somebody to get them over.” “What you do is you take your championship and put it on the guy that’s the most over, that’s the reason, because that guy is ready to draw you money. The audience can smell it, if you put the title on somebody to try to get the guy over that’s just shoving him down people’s throats and that’s not what works.”

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