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Billy Gunn On His Current Shape & Possibly Reuniting w/ The Road Dogg

Billy Gunn has been at this a long time. Of course that’s an understatement, as he is a legend of the ring, period. With ample runs in WWE, TNA and now AEW, he has a list of accolades that take quite a few hours to pore over and study. Trust me, I’ve done it, and at the same time I was there watching, as many of you were, dear readers…watching it all unfold. His career has been an impressive one and still is.

He can often be seen on YouTube on Fitness YouTuber and former Mr. Universe, Mike O’Hearn’s very own YT channel, working out and sharing tips he’s learned in the gym. At 58 years old he is still in epic shape and as far as his work in the ring, “he’s still got it…” for sure.

via Mike O’Hearn /YouTube

He is now in AEW, managing his two boys Colton and Austin and gets in the ring as well. He sat down with managing editor over at Wrestling Inc., Nick Hausman for an episode of Wrestling Inc. Daily and talked about his current shape and possibly joining forces with his old friend and tag team partner, the Road Dogg Jesse James (he having been released from WWE in his position as producer there a few months back, as we reported). Here’s some of what he said:

“I would love to, and I think Road Dogg would like to come in…But, he doesn’t want to do any wrestling stuff. I think he would be awesome for promos and a producer and stuff because he’s very good at that…I think it would be fun for the people to see us, if they heard the: ‘oh you didn’t know,’ they would probably lose their minds…

It would be great to have him here…we still have an awesome relationship. He’s probably the one that I have the best relationship with in the wrestling business anyway…We were just together at a signing and the boys were there and it was like nothing had changed. Because we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, like a couple of years…

So, yeah, it would be fun to do some stuff, because when we’re together, we are like little kids…My life is really good right now. I don’t know, I mean I’m blessed I guess because I don’t really do anything except go to the gym, my nutrition is on point, all my stuff is on point, and I live a really good lifestyle right now. I take care of myself and I’m not off the rails anymore. But I still do this at a high level and I have two boys that push me.”

via Billy Gunn on Wrestling Inc. Daily /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)

*To check out the full episode of Wrestling Inc Daily, click HERE.

via AEW /YouTube

With Jeff Hardy’s return being such a massive success, and his reuniting with his brother Matt in AEW, perhaps this can be something that the AEW fans and pro wrestling fans in general can appreciate. Even if the D-O-Double G doesn’t want to get back in the ring, he just being around would more than be enough to garner quite a wee bit of hype.

I find that’s often what the legends of the ring don’t understand: A large portion of the fans just want to see them, and as often as possible, no matter what capacity they return in. This would be something special for sure and we hope it happens. Fingers crossed, dear readers.

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