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Bret Hart Speaks On The Issue Of Pro Wrestlers Passing Away Too Young—Kevin Nash Responds

Since the passing of the legendary Scott Hall, many pro wrestlers have come forth with heart-warming comments about the wrestler. Just two days ago, I wrote a piece, listing many of the comments from his peers. His fans too had a lot to say on the matter.

But it was another legend in the business that went a step further stating that pro wrestlers don’t necessarily have the longest life sadly, and that’s because of the lives they lead.

In the Golden and Attitude Era and even Ruthless Aggression Era, pro wrestlers pushed their bodies to the limit and not just in the ring.

Honestly, pro wrestlers need to look a certain way and I tried to steer clear of this topic in the dedication piece but since the proverbial cat is out of the bag, I figured a mention here would be necessary, as it does need to be stated.

Pro wrestlers in the aforementioned eras—and even today—needed to look a certain way. It was the norm to be in tip top. Actually a lot of the top guys and gals in the business were in great shape and very muscular. But the lifestyle doesn’t always coincide with the ideals with proper nutrition, rest and exercise.

Imagine, always working out in a different gym…sometimes doing squats and push-ups in hotel/motel rooms, eating at the only restaurants that are open…most of the time fast food joints…greasy burgers and fried chicken; you need the protein, so these guys were downing sometimes four double cheeseburgers in one meal (if not more) and the elephant in the room is perhaps steroids.

via The Hannibal TV /YouTube

As Jacques Rougeau recently stated, steroids were extremely common in the 80s era locker room in WWE.

“It was a walking drugstore…I hate to tell you this because I had a feud with them, but the worst was the Bulldogs. They walk in the dressing room, and they have needles sticking their butt. They were walking around like ticking time bombs…I could count on my hand, maybe two if I’m lucky, the guys that weren’t on steroids…

Everybody was on steroids, everybody but I can think of few: Santana, Martel, Mike Sharp, Lombardi, me and Raymond, Lanny Poffo. There’s not many that weren’t on steroids…

Vince knew that the kids, they liked the superheroes, the big guys, the guys who are all bubbled up…He made a lot of money with that…”

via It’s My Wrestling Podcast / (Transcription)

With an obligation to deliver, sometimes the body image issues those that are in tremendous shape have are, or can be considered to be, as bad as an anorexic with an eating disorder; same deal just on the opposite end of the spectrum, really.

Add all of these issues to the pains and injuries they have and the necessary pain killers and yes even other addictions which can be numerous and in any form.

Bret Hart decided to touch on this in an Instagram post. Here’s what he had to say:

“Wrestling life can be so much fun, and at the same time, it can take all you have at the same time…We’ve lost so many wrestlers from my era, and this is just one more to a list that’s far too long. I won’t blame any one thing, but I do believe that if the days of wrestling 300 days a year had been kinder and more considerate, if we could’ve been home with our loved ones more, many of my old friends and brothers would still be here…

I think Scott would smile to know that so many people really loved him and will truly miss him. One more wrestler. A fine machine gone too soon. My thoughts and prayer go out to his family, friends, and loved ones.”

via Bret Hart on Instagram

Kevin Nash, who was one of Scott Hall’s greatest friends had this to say:

“We just had this conversation…I agree 100% the meat grinder hasn’t been kind to the crews that ran 300 plus days. The mental and physical pain of those years scar hard and deep but the men that I shared my life with were such a special breed and many lifelong friends. Thank you for the kind words about Scott. I love you Bret, honored to call you my friend.”

via Kevin Nash

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