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Britt Baker on how Cinematic Legend Johnny Depp Inspired her Character—Cody Rhodes Unleashes Quite the Promo on Dynamite

Johnny Depp is known for his many appearances in film and television. He started primarily in horror films, then transitioned to independent films and while on that platform, he racked in some pretty important roles. That period garnered him quite the dose of notoriety in Hollywood and he landed many mainstream roles in film. One of those roles was of course as Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean series of films.

via _Viper_the_gamer_ /YouTube

He of course has a accomplished a lot in his time on the screen and some of the films perhaps most heralded on his filmography are the films based on the works of journalist and writer Hunter S. Thompson…both Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and of course The Rum Diary.

It would seem that AEW‘s Dr. Britt Baker has always been taken by Johnny Depp, and recently she explained just how much he inspired her gimmick in wrestling. Of course Baker is a real DMD…and is of course a doctor of dentistry. She accomplished that while working the indies in wrestling.

And now that she’s at the top of her game in pro wrestling, she still operates a dental office and works hours, believe it or not. So if she hoists up a dental drill intending to work on a root canal you’ve been putting off…don’t give her a hard time.

It was while speaking on My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox, that she revealed how much the legendary actor influenced her gimmick in promos specifically. She said:

“Fun fact…I love Johnny Depp, and I think he’s absolutely fantastic as Captain Jack Sparrow. But I’ve always loved when he… like, when anybody on the show would call him Jack Sparrow, and he would correct them, and go, ‘Captain Jack Sparrow!’ And I do that in my promos. If anyone calls me Britt, I’ll be like, ‘It’s Dr. Britt Baker!’”

via My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)
via My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox /YouTube

Cody Rhodes cuts quite the promo on Dynamite – breaks 4th wall

It was just last night that Cody Rhodes broke the fourth wall. In wrestling and in entertainment, breaking the fourth wall means that the performer has broken past that barrier put up, allowing what is said to be perceived as real, as it is, letting the audience in on some truths about what is being put forth. He did that big time last night and it was as refreshing to see as a cool breeze on a scorching hot day.

He has been getting quite the dose of heat, perhaps go away heat from a portion of the audience, they wanting him to turn heel, but he has refused to. He mentioned quite a few things in the promo, essentially bringing points up that I brought up a little while in a piece here at Pro Wrestling News Hub…why in the blue hell are they booing him?

Without Cody Rhodes, there would be no AEW. That is a fact. His part in the creation of the company cannot be forgotten. In this writer’s estimation, Cody Rhodes reached legends status a long time ago.

via AEW /YouTube

I congratulate him on what he said last night, he even attacking WWE, making reference to Walter’s recent name change over at NXT…something that is still baffling to many. He was already so ‘over’ in terms of wrestling, which of course means liked by many fans.

Rhodes also praised CM Punk for the pipe bomb promo from 2011 and even went as far to state that it was that promo that got the ball rolling in terms of what’s happening in wrestling right now, with AEW on the scene, and was bold (and honest) enough to state that it was he that ended up doing a lot of the things that CM Punk stated needed being done in the business.

This seems to be going somewhere, and I don’t know if a heel turn is in the plans regardless, but Cody turned a few of those audience members while he spoke in Washington last night, and it was something special to behold for sure.

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