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CM Punk Talks Internet Trolls—Nick Gage Sticks With GCW For The Long Haul

CM Punk has had his fair share of internet trolls to deal with since his return to pro wrestling, but as recent comments he has made show, he doesn’t let the comments these people have made affect him in the long run.

Internet trolls are spineless individuals who attack people on the internet, using horrendous tactics to degrade and put down anyone they deem unfit for fame or a respectable chance at life; let’s face it. Often they are people with little life of their own, and their actions have led to the suicide of many individuals and the defilement of public figures and their images that did not at all deserve such a fate.

For the most part, they—these trolls—have no true knowledge of what they argue about. Their only desire is to hurt and maim, and all while the real world happens all around them.

CM Punk shared his outlook on such individuals while speaking to Rock 95.5 in Chicago. He also went into how these trolls often attack his ill-fated MMA run. He lost both matches at that time that he had in that field, and he owns that (despite the fact that he sacrificed for that endeavor…worked extremely hard and did his best). Essentially, he says that trolls really offer nothing of value.

via Vice Sports /YouTube

“You cannot be beholden to what nameless, faceless people on the internet say about you. It doesn’t matter. You have to find inner peace and be happy with what you’re doing. I 100% am that guy. I’m stoked to be where I am. I got a lot of cool projects coming up aside from AEW, and I get to go home to a very beautiful, smart, talented woman and my dog Larry every night. So it can’t be beat. Like Johnny256969 on Twitter, trust me, you could say whatever you want about me, dude. I sucked in UFC? That’s cool, I get that video game money. So I am OK.”

via CM Punk – Rock 95.5 in Chicago / (Transcription)

Nick Gage signs once again with GCW

Gage has been wrestling since 1999 and since that time he has garnered for himself quite the reputation. He has had runs in Combat Zone, Horror Slam Wrestling, Big Japan Pro, IPW Hardcore Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, Jersey All Pro and of course so many more. Yet it is perhaps his time with Game Changer Wrestling that has garnered him most of the cult following he enjoys.

He is of course a hardcore wrestler, and is considered by many to be a deathmatch king. His matches are often bloody, violent and push the boundaries of where hardcore professional wrestling can go.

via CM Venom /YouTube

He also established quite the reputation for himself in other ways…many referring to him as a criminal because of his almost 6-year incarceration for armed robbery, but he has used this to only further his gimmick now that he is a lapsed con and he seems to be concentrating on the positive portion of his life, which is of course professional wrestling, and we congratulate him on that.

He had a match in AEW against Chris Jericho in 2021 during the 5 Labors of Jericho angle and perhaps was Jericho’s toughest opponent in that entertaining feud that Jericho and MJF had.

It has now been announced by Fightful, that Gage has signed a multi-year deal with GCW—essentially re-signing with the promotion—which should of course make fans happy, as he is of course a huge draw for the promotion quite obviously. Looking forward to future matches for sure.

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