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Cody Rhodes On AEW’s COVID-19 Policy At Dynamite TV Tapings

Cody Rhodes recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. Rhodes discussed several topics including his career in AEW thus far. He also discussed the way AEW has been handling Dynamite tapings due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. This has been a logistical nightmare for both AEW and WWE.

Taping Content, AEW Dark, Dynamite, and PPV

“As far as the content we have and what we’ve been able to do in Jacksonville? Most recently, I was really. I mean, that it was ‘step-up city,’ in terms of those shows and I was really impressed. I’m so glad when we first started that Brandi was adamant that we have a medical team. I rarely swing by the trainer’s room but we’ve also got a  physio team and all the perks of a high-end wrestling company; of a major league wrestling company, you have to have those things for your athletes.”

Quarantined At Hotel In Jacksonville

“I will never forget having been quarantined in a hotel so that we can keep the numbers under 10 at the actual arena. Then you’re sanitizing a car steering wheel driving over. You’re in your own room and then the ropes themselves are being sanitized you’re getting your temperature checked. Getting quarantine questions, a page long, all of those things that were put in place that were the right thing to do.”

Brandi Rhodes Picked Head Of AEW Medical Team

“So she picks out Dr. Sampson. Who you know Dr. Sampson is famous for being the guy who saved Jerry Lawler in Montreal after his heart attack. And just to put it frankly he does not take sh*t from anybody. He’s not a ‘yes’ doctor. In terms of if you want things to go on and they’re unable to. So he put in a really rigorous amount of guidelines. And everyone was able to follow them and that was something I was very proud of.”

Working From Home

“One of the beautiful things about AEW since day one? Is we don’t have a central office. The core management is all over the place. We’ve got folks in LA, folks in Canada, myself in Atlanta, Tony in Jacksonville. So the quarantine element of what’s going on state by state? And complying with those regulations is easy. When you can work from home and then coordinate from home for your weekly show and then build to one of your pay per views.”

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