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Cody Rhodes Shows Off His New Private Bus

Cody Rhodes has recently purchased a new private bus and has decided to share a photo of it with his fans. On Tuesday he took to Twitter to let people know that he has become a ‘bus guy’ now and asked for his followers to help him design a wrap.

Before the pandemic struck, various stars at the WWE were known to have their own bus due to the grueling work schedule where they were expected to be on the road four or five days a week with the multiple house shows they are famous for putting on.

World-famous wrestlers such as John Cena, CM Punk, Triple H, Big Show, and Randy Orton have talked about the benefits of having a bus with the general consensus being that it can prolong a career due to less stress on the body and the concept that a more enjoyable experience on the road leads to a happier work life.

Even though wrestlers with the salary of Cody Rhodes live a privileged life being on the road so often can be tough and if you have the money to make your life more fun I don’t see why you wouldn’t do it.

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