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Creeper On AEW Dynamite Who Missed Punches On Rhodes Revealed

The “creeper” who missed those punches to Dustin Rhodes on the closing segment of AEW Dynamite has revealed himself. It is indy wrestler Arik Cannon.

Cannon came forward to say he was the “creeper” under the mask. The reason for not connecting on the punches to Rhodes it that he was bleeding. Cannon said he was trying to protect him.

“You guys… It was me.@dustinrhodes is a legend, one of my all-time favorites, he was already bleeding, and I was just trying to take care of him.#AEWDynamite.”

Arik Cannon

If you missed the twitter storm over this video that went viral after AEW Dynamite. It shows the “creeper” on top of Dustin Rhodes. It was clear as day to everyone watching at home his punches came nowhere close to Rhodes’ head. Now we know why. Some compared his punches to the bad ones thrown by Shane McMahon on WWE television or even Sasha Banks.

The video has been watched more than 1 million times on Twitter. It has drawn criticism from fans and wrestlers including Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Trish Stratus, and Tama Tonga.

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