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DDP Tried Contacting MJF After Recent Scathing Promo—If A Work, Has Potential To Be Bigger Than Brian Pillman’s Legendary Promo In WCW

MJF has a knack for cutting a promo. Now that’s an understatement, folks. It can be argued that he is in fact the absolute best at cutting quite the scathing promo. One individual who believes so is the legendary Diamond Dallas Page. He apparently reached out to MJF after his explosion on Dynamite a few weeks back.

Well, MJF has yet to be seen; he has seemingly been removed from all AEW merchandising and roster lists online—he was even removed from the video package that opens the show on a regular basis.

via Banana Iswel686 /YouTube

Of course this is professional wrestling, and a lot believe what happens, despite the fact that we know this stuff is scripted, and we have known this for decades now.

Regardless, there was so much conviction in his delivery and in the ensuing goings on by the company, that you can’t help but feel like there’s a touch of something real to the whole thing.

Are the frustrations real? Do they come from a real place? Perhaps. In fact, I very much like to think so. Just like an epic actor that truly studies a character…gets in his or her head and starts to believe the character’s very plight…MJF was enthralled deeply into that promo and it did come across as very real.

Like Brian Pillman’s legendary promo years—decades—before…and who can forget CM Punk’s infamous Pipe Bomb from 2011? DDP references in his statements, a Pillman promo from WCW, but I far more remember the promo he cut in ECW. That to me was the pipe bomb before the pipe bomb in essence. There was a truth behind those words then, in both instances from the pro wrestling annals of time, and that honesty was felt by one and all.

via God’s Last Gift /YouTube

But whether it’s all a work or not, it made for quite the impactful segment and the ensuing weeks are building it up to be something huge in the industry, and it may just be bigger in the long run than both the Pillman and Punk incidents put together.

A storm is brewing here dear readers, and in the eye of that very storm are none other than Tony Khan and MJF themselves. Be ready for a showdown worthy of your attention, because it’s undoubtedly coming.

This is being recognized by the legendary DDP, as he stated, and as we stated above. Here’s some of what he said from the recent episode of the DDP Snake Pit:

“I’ve done some mentoring with MJF since he first came in…I wrote him and was like ‘Bro, I’m hearing some crazy sh*t out there. Call me brother, I don’t want to see you f*ck up what could be potentially one of the greatest careers.’ I said ‘Please call me so I can understand what you’re doing and why.’ …

He never got a hold of me…It does remind me of (a Brian) Pillman (promo in WCW) but he went kind of extreme and he has been to himself…No matter what it is, it does have a lot of attention. It was pretty real man so we’ll see what happens as it moves on but no matter what, it moved the needle, it definitely moved the needle.”

via DDP on DDP Snake Pit /Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)

There are those in the industry that call themselves “needle movers,” but in their selective absence prove that all they are is lazy and lucky to have had the placement they received in the industry. Not all 2nd or 3rd generation wrestlers are cut out for hard work it seems, but hungry young wrestlers like MJF prove that to move the proverbial “needle,” time and sacrifice are needed…all of which MJF seems ultimately prepared to face head on and has faced.

Stay tuned dear readers…this is bound to be a good one, and in the end, one for the ages.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. AZ - Prescott - Eric L Wood

    June 11, 2022 at 11:53 pm

    Brain Pillman. I think he had cancer Vince felt sorry and gave him a job till he died. That was 40 years ago?

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