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Dustin Rhodes Comments On Celebrating 13 Years Of Sobriety

Professional wrestling legend and AEW Star Dustin Rhodes recently took to his Twitter and revealed he is celebrating 13 years of sobriety from both drugs and alcohol and that he is living his best life.

This is what Dustin Rhodes said:

“Very proud of me today!! Today marks my 13th anniversary for being clean and sober from drugs and alcohol.” “Absolutely living my best life now!”

Back in 2013, Dustin revealed in an interview that his addiction to drugs and alcohol had gotten real bad and it just started getting worse and worse, but a divine intervention came by his way and he got himself straight into rehab and he hasn’t looked back.

This is what Dustin Rhodes said:

“It got so bad back then with drugs and alcohol, with so many pills, cocaine and booze.” “There was still, when I’d get home, it just started getting worse and worse. I fell into that trap and drugs and alcohols. I’ve almost been 5 years clean and sober from any drugs and alcohol and I’m very, very proud of myself for that. But, I’m also — those last three days when I was on a pretty serious bender and almost died. Divine intervention, I guess, God said, ‘Hey, you need help.’ And I knew I needed help but I wasn’t ready for it. I wasn’t ready to accept that, hey, this is it. I was very scared about the whole situation.”

“Then, I would just drown myself in more and more to avoid it. Finally, I just threw my hands up and said I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I made that call to my dad at four in the morning, stumbling drunk outside in the rain and not even being able to stand up straight and s–t like that. The next day, WWE and their Wellness Policy, they reached out back to me and got me straight into rehab and I haven’t looked back.”

A number of pro wrestling legends and Stars took to their twitters and congratulated Dustin Rhodes as well as showed their respect and admiration to Dustin for his accomplishment.

You can check out Dustin Rhodes’ tweet below, along with the comments of the pro wrestling legends as well as Stars:

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