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Eric Bischoff Discusses the Potential of AEW Competing Directly With WWE

One Big Thing

Eric Bischoff, a pivotal figure in the wrestling industry, explores the idea of AEW challenging WWE directly, reminiscent of his strategy with WCW’s “Nitro” in the ’90s.

Why It Matters

The notion of AEW going head-to-head with WWE carries significant weight due to the historical impact of the “Monday Night Wars” between WCW and WWE, which dramatically changed the landscape of professional wrestling. This discussion comes amidst a landscape where fans crave competition and innovation within the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Bischoff’s strategy with “WCW Nitro” taking on WWE’s “Raw” resulted in a major shift in wrestling viewership in the ’90s.
  • AEW and WWE have largely co-existed without direct competition, apart from the recent “Wednesday Night War” between WWE’s NXT and AEW’s “Dynamite”.
  • Going head-to-head could beneficial for AEW, but success would require time, the right vision, and patience, according to Bischoff.
  • The wrestling landscape has changed, making a direct comparison with the past challenging.

Bischoff’s Insight

“It could be a good thing for AEW to go head-to-head with WWE, in theory,” states Bischoff. He underscores the importance of having the right team and vision, alongside the need for patience to replicate the success of the past under vastly different circumstances.


While the prospect of AEW going head-to-head with WWE sparks excitement, reflecting on WCW’s success and challenges offers a roadmap of possibilities and pitfalls. Eric Bischoff’s insights serve as a reminder of the complexity of replicating past successes in today’s diverse wrestling environment.

Do you think AEW going directly against WWE would reignite the kind of intense competition seen during the Monday Night Wars? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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