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Dave Meltzer Discusses Impact Of WWE’s Netflix Deal On AEW

One Big Thing

WWE’s game-changing move to Netflix in 2025 could provide a substantial boost for AEW’s global exposure.

Key Points

  • WWE Moving to Netflix: Starting 2025, WWE’s “Raw” and its entire programming slate will be available on Netflix internationally, impacting fans in the UK, Latin America, and Canada.
  • Opportunity for AEW: Dave Meltzer points out that this shift opens up broadcast stations worldwide that historically aired wrestling to potentially pick up AEW, as WWE’s transition to streaming leaves a gap in traditional TV coverage.
  • AEW’s International Presence: With existing broadcast agreements in the UK (ITV), India (Eurosport), and Canada (TSN), plus streaming on Triller TV, AEW is well-positioned to capitalize on WWE’s move.
  • Increased Accessibility: AEW’s availability on accessible channels like ITV has already contributed significantly to its events, demonstrating the potential for growth with WWE’s platform transition.

Why It Matters

The shift of WWE programming to a streaming platform like Netflix marks a significant change in how professional wrestling is consumed worldwide. This transition not only alters WWE’s distribution model but inadvertently provides AEW with an opportunity to expand its international television footprint. AEW’s ability to fill the void left by WWE on traditional broadcasting channels could lead to increased viewership and further solidify its status as a global competitor in professional wrestling.


The wrestling world is on the cusp of a major change as WWE embarks on its groundbreaking partnership with Netflix. While this deal underscores the evolving landscape of sports entertainment consumption, it simultaneously opens the door for AEW to further establish and expand its global presence. Only time will tell how this strategic shift will affect the wrestling industry’s balance of power.

What do you think this move means for the future of AEW and the wrestling industry as a whole? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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