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Fenix Demands A Third Match Against Penta El Zero Miedo

Fenix had a brutal one-on-one match against his brother Penta this week. It was the biggest, most intense match of this current week’s episode of Dynamite. The two brothers had a rematch, with their previous one only occurring some weeks ago.

Penta went on to be the victor of a vicious match but this doesn’t appear to be where this train stops. In the match previous to this one, Fenix had won despite sporting an injury. This week’s match ended with Penta winning, but the two brothers went extremely hard on each other and the bad blood between them only appears to be escalating.

Fenix and Penta almost tore each other’s masks off during the match. It is common knowledge that masks are considered sacred in “Lucha Libre” tradition. This means ripping a mask off can get an opponent disqualified.
Penta went at Fenix’s mask first, exposing quite a lot of his face as a result.

The two brothers still went at it, even at the risk of having both of their faces exposed. At one point Penta’s face was nearly exposed, and it was visible to the camera. They both struggled to keep their faces covered throughout the fight with both fighters looking visibly distressed at times.

Towards the end, Eddie Kingston was seen coming at Fenix calling him “dead weight.” The main event ultimately resulted in Penta being the winner. Later Fenix took to Twitter to agree with a fan calling for a third match by reposting his tweet.

Several fans agreed with the tweet saying they wanted to see more matches with them battling against each other. Some, however, did not side with the tweet. They demanded that the Luchas Bros reunite and bring the Death Triangle back. The Death Triangle was a trio that Penta, Fenix, and Pac had formed in the month of March, before the spread of the pandemic.

After the event of Penta defeating Fenix, British wrestler Pac made his comeback on AEW Dynamite. Kingston had destroyed the Death Triangle and now Pac was coming for him. Both stood toe to toe with each other, with referees attempting to pull them away from one another.

Pac, at one point, had been in close association with the Lucha Bros before the pandemic brought everything to a halt. There is a possibility of him combating against Eddie Kingston and Fenix. It was mentioned earlier that Pac had been in self-isolation for eight months after the pandemic had spread.

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