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Jay White Sheds Light On His Status With All Elite Wrestling

Top NJPW Star and the leader of Bullet Club “Switchblade” Jay White recently appeared on The Sessions with Renee Paquette podcast, where he spoke about his current status with All Elite Wrestling and how it has been clear that he isn’t signed with AEW because there were no graphics of any kind that he is All Elite as well as how he is still under contract to NJPW, but he has just been given freedom to do what he wants and go where he likes.

This is what Jay White said:

“I didn’t sign with them or anything like that.” “I’m still with New Japan but luckily I have a fair bit of freedom where I can go and do what I want so to speak. I thought it was kind of known, there was never one of those sweet graphics put out with me so…”

Jay White also talked about how his biggest mistake is he didn’t do enough research of what to expect in NJPW’s history, culture and system as well as NJPW’s dojo and how it was a big shock when he first arrived in NJPW, but at the same time he did not want to ask too many questions either and maybe come off like he was being hesitant because he wasn’t. Jay White then talked about how he isn’t saying the New Japan system is perfect because he thinks they have plenty of flaws, but you have to find balance of it as well as listen to the people that have been to the places you want to go and the experiences they had that you want to have.

This is what Jay White said:

“My kind of mistake when I went into the dojo is I didn’t do enough research on New Japan’s history itself, the culture, and the way the system works.” “I really had no clue what I was going into, I also didn’t want to ask too many questions because I didn’t want to come off like I was being hesitant about it at all which I wasn’t.”

“I just didn’t know, am I going to train? Am I going to get paid? Should I be expecting matches? I had no clue what to expect so once I got there, it was a pretty big shock. We had a couple days before they started training us where we got to watch Wrestle Kingdom and then after that, it was basically wake up early in the morning, go clean everything, 10 am you’ll start training and that’ll last for 3 hours. It was pretty intense stuff.”

“I’m not saying the New Japan system is perfect, I think there’s plenty of flaws to it. That’s just my opinion. I think that whole kind of respect thing, sometimes that can be overdone. In wrestling sometimes people think that just because you’ve been doing something for longer that means you’re above someone else so I feel like you’ve got to find a balance of that. I think it is important but sometimes it can just be overdone.”

“Finding a balance of that, listening to the people that have been to the places that you want to go and the experiences and stuff like that, you’d be an idiot not to listen to that stuff.”

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