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Jericho on Heat with Lesnar—Actor, Chris Bauer of Heels on CM Punk

Chris Jericho is currently involved in a feud in AEW with Dan Lambert and his American Top Team of mixed martial arts fighters. The experience obviously brought back some memories for him, and he alluded to these memories on Dynamite in some form.

These memories he was referencing were of course real life run-ins he had with Brock Lesnar and even Bill Goldberg. The fact that he and Bill Goldberg didn’t see eye to eye while they were both in WCW is no secret. It was gone into quite extensively in WWE programming, specifically a particular episode based on Jericho, in the Monday Night Wars series.

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It was in 2016 that Jericho had his run-in with Lesnar backstage. He was apparently unhappy about a finish to a match between Lesnar and Orton at SummerSlam of that same year, according to Wrestling Inc. It was backstage at that very event that Jericho confronted Brock.

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Lesnar isn’t the type of man that you simply confront, though. But Jericho seemed to have no trouble mounting up the courage to do so. It was as he spoke to Sports Illustrated that he talked briefly about being able to confront “The Beast Incarnate” himself. He said:

“…When you get into that moment, it is what it is…You either go for it, or you put your tail between your legs and hide, and I’ve never been that type of guy. I’m more of the type to die with boots on. So I’ve had my issues and shoots with MMA guys before, like that one with Brock Lesnar, and I survived by the skin of my teeth…”

via Sports Illustrated /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)

On his current feud with Dan Lambert and crew, he had this to say:

“…It’s going to stand out as an attraction…There is a good chance that Jorge gets involved. And when you watch Junior dos Santos, you’re not going to see him do a leapfrog or a dropkick. He’s going to look like a UFC champion in the ring. I’m not expecting him to go out there and be Lawrence Taylor at WrestleMania. I want him to go out there and beat the crap out of us… Dan Lambert is an actual heel out there. He understands the business. There will be a lot to the endgame here. One of the reasons is to get Junior dos Santos into the ring, which you’ll see on Friday…”

via Sports Illustrated /Wrestling Inc (Transcription)

Actor Chris Bauer on CM Punk…how he was on the set of Heels on Starz

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CM Punk has been racking up quite a few acting gigs over the last few years. His portrayal in The Girl On The Third Floor, a horror film, was actually quite good and garnered him quite a bit of positive attention. It had its critics too, but hey, you can’t win them all. I liked it.

Anyways…one of his co-stars on Heels had nothing but impressive things to say about the wrestling legend, according to an interview with Actor, Chris Bauer stated of his time with Punk:

“…My biggest source of comfort is CM Punk who I got to spend a lot of time with. I respect him so much as a person and I really like him but if nothing else he’s a sort of living narrative of a lot of layers of wrestling for the last 20 years. I said, ‘Dude tell me straight up,’ because I asked him a lot of questions about specifics here and there which he was very helpful with…But I was like, ‘Are we gonna get killed for this?’ He was like, ‘No, I completely buy it. I totally buy it. I buy where it’s coming from. I think it checks all the boxes and you don’t have to worry about that.’ That was an incredibly kind thing for him to say but it also put to rest for me like, ‘If Phil thinks this is good, I don’t really care what other people think.’ …”


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CM Punk played heel, Ricky Rabies on the show. The show just finished airing on the network. It ran for a total of 8 episodes. As of the 10th of October, Heels has not yet been renewed for a second season.

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