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Jericho on Scathing MJF Promo—Kingston’s Thoughts on Punk—Mox’s Refusal to Lose to Cena in WWE

As it turns out, Chris Jericho wasn’t at all pleased with MJF’s recent promo on AEW Dynamite in which he attacked Sting verbally and referenced the legendary Lex Luger, MJF stooping so low as to poke fun at the man who suffered a stroke years ago and as a result, now needs the use of a wheelchair. He was also a former football star, having played for the CFL (with the Montreal Alouettes), and in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers…

via The Keystone Statement

As reports, Luger has improved and can walk on his own for short bursts, but still needs the wheelchair. Luger for his part, was in epic shape while he wrestled, having great runs in both WWE, WCW and of course the NWA and TNA—and yes he was decorated in gold while on those respective runs—his career an extraordinary one for sure.

MJF is known for his promos and his level of conviction as he delivers them, as has been written about him by myself and others, he keeps up with his character even while at signings – his kayfabe intact. It perhaps needs to be stated here that he doesn’t at all mean what he says while delivering his promos, which seems amateurish to have to explain, but Chris Jericho brings up some points that challenge the keep up with kayfabe at all costs routine and delivering harsh promos no matter who they hurt mentality of some wrestlers, MJF included.

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It was while he was interviewed on the Sports Media with Richard Deitsch podcast that Jericho let his feelings be known about the promo that MJF cut. He said:

“People at this point know it’s show business, and there’s only so deep you can go. There’s a line a few weeks ago MJF used about Lex Luger being in a wheelchair to Sting. I don’t think that gets heat. I think it makes people feel uncomfortable and feel bad. You don’t want that. There is a fine line between using real-life issues and going to inside baseball where, ‘I don’t know what this guy is talking about, but it doesn’t feel right.’ To me, that is the fine line.”

via Sports Media with Richard Deitsch

Eddie Kingston lets one and all know how he truly feels about CM Punk

It was while being interviewed by Louis Dangoor of GiveMeSport that Eddie Kingston let the AEW fans know how he really feels about CM Punk.

Of course, as you may remember, dear readers, Kingston and Punk cut serious promos of their own last week on Rampage, neither of them holding back.  On CM Punk, Eddie said:

“I’ll give him credit, I’ll give the devil his due; it doesn’t matter how I feel about him personally. After the Pipe Bomb, that was all him. All people want to see was him talk. He’s the common denominator. I couldn’t wait for him to come in because I knew he would help the company.

I love AEW, I’m a homer, they gave me a shot and I’m not going anywhere, anything that helps this place grow, I’m all about. Then I was like, ‘It’d be fun. It’d be fun to beat him up a little bit.’ It was a more recent thing (us working together).

I really don’t know how it came up because I’m not that guy. I do whatever you tell me, whatever you got. If I don’t like it, you’ll know. Nine out of ten times it’s, ‘Eddie, you’re doing this, this is what we need.’…”

via GiveMeSport /E-Wrestling News (Transcription)
via AEW /YouTube

On his ability to cut quite the scathing promo, he said:

“They know that I’m going to go out there and be a pro and they know that I’m not going to go out there and go into business for myself and hurt them or bury them. They know I’m not going to do that; whatever I say in that moment is reality, but after, I don’t care.

I’ve known a lot of these guys (in AEW) for over 10 years. They know how I am and they know I’m not going to do anything to hurt anybody. Everything I do is for the company. Have I had people on the Independents (be mad), yeah.

Chris Hero, me and him don’t like each other; there were a lot of things said by both of us where we were giving each other shots. We were letting each other say things and went, ‘I’ll remember that when we’re in the ring.’”

via GiveMeSport /E-Wrestling News (Transcription)

Mox vs. Cena

via WWE

It was at Elimination Chamber in 2013 that WWE reportedly intended The Shield to lose to the tandem of Ryback, Sheamus and one John Cena, as reports. It is in his book, Mox, that Jon Moxley details what happened when he refused for that to happen and why. He wrote:

“If (we) went out there with Cena and took the f****n’ schmootz and got pinned like everybody else, we would then become everybody else. It would kill us. I remember… being in the car with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. ‘I ain’t f*****g doing it. Whether they fire us or we get Cena’d and killed off… we’re dead either way.

We would go on a long undefeated streak in six-man tags. The writers kept trying to beat us. We refused time after time, standing our ground together. It got downright awkward sometimes, but we had strength in solidarity. We knew the equity in what we had built and were not willing to give it away…”

via Mox by Jon Moxley

Find Jon Moxley’s memoires (written by Jon himself), Mox, here: Mox by Jon Moxley

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