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Jericho Reveals Largest Payoff He Ever Received Outside Of WrestleMania

Top AEW Star “Le Champion” Chris Jericho, who is A.K.A “The Demo God” recently took to his Talk Is Jericho podcast to reveal the largest payoff he has ever received in the wrestling business outside of what he received at WWE WrestleMania.

It was at a PPV Event called WWE Invasion where he was one of the ten competitors in a 10-Man Tag Team Match.

This is what Chris Jericho said:

No, I thought the Invasion show was great. I love the fact that I was included. Like back then, to be in that match at all was a huge honor because it showed that, once again, I was one of the top guys and still kind of on the the spectrum of, once again, having that title again. Like Vince said, ‘you’re going to have it again at some point anyways. Don’t worry about it.’”

“Anytime you’re in a storyline with Vince McMahon or The Undertaker or Austin, and you’re holding your own, both in the promos and in the ring, that just solidified the fact that I wasn’t the drizzling s–ts as Vince had told me not even a year before. I was thrilled to death to be in that, and I remember something else too. When I got my payoff for that, it was the biggest payoff I’ve ever gotten for a non-WrestleMania ever. From a 10-man tag, I got more money for that than anything else besides a couple WrestleMania’s.”

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