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Jim Ross Gives A Health Update After Doctor’s Appointment

AEW commentator and Senior Advisor “Good Ole’ J.R.” Jim Ross, who signed with the company in April of 2019, took to Twitter this past October and posted a photo of his ankle, while also revealing that he had been dealing with skin cancer issues for over a year now. The WWE Hall of Famer then confirmed he had to start doing 22 radiation treatments by the end of November, but that he doesn’t plan on taking any time off from AEW, though as soon as his treatments started, he had been away from AEW TV.

The legendary “Good Ole’ J.R.” Jim Ross would then reveal before the end of 2021 that he has defeated cancer once again and that he is now cancer free. Despite Jim Ross already being cancer free, the AEW commentator still has to undergo radiation treatments until he is completely healed. “Good Ole’ J.R.”Jim Ross would take to his “Grilling JR” podcast and provide an update on his health after undergoing all of the necessary radiation treatments as well as following his latest doctor’s appointment.

According to Jim Ross, he recently had a doctor’s appointment and he was told to return for a follow-up check up after 30 days, which is a good thing as he used to visit his doctor on a daily basis. Jim Ross also said his treatment used to be every other week, but his treatment has now been scheduled in a month and despite his leg not being completely healed yet the doctor is pleased with his healing as well as his progress.

This is what Jim Ross said:

“I had a doctor’s appointment today. I’m going back in 30 days which is good because at one point in time, I was seeing the doctor daily. Then when I got my treatments all done, I started every other week and so today, we scheduled it in a month.”

“So the doctor is pleased with my healing. My leg has not healed yet. I came back to work about 30 days too early according to the doctor. It wasn’t too early for me. I was ready to go, but yeah, he’s pleased with my progress. He said you can’t let yourself be tricked into thinking that you’re healed. You’re not.”

“Good Ole’ J.R.” Jim Ross then talked about how his ankle is still tender, but he is doing better and there are less spots that are affected as well as how it is still going to be a few months until that spot on his ankle will be better as that is where all the new skin will being grown.

This is what Jim Ross said:

“It’s still tender, but there’s less spots on my ankle that are adversely affected, so I’m doing better.” “Thanks for asking and I know I appreciate everybody’s support on that deal.” “I can’t expect it to be perfect. It’s not going to be perfect for a while, and my doctor today said it’s going to be a few months until that spot of my ankle is where all that new skin is being grown.” “My biggest enemy is two flights in one day because the second flight aggravates the swelling of my foot.”

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