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Jim Ross Reveals Issues He Has With Some Talents In AEW

All Elite Wrestling Senior Advisor and Commentator “Good Ole’ J.R.” Jim Ross recently took part in an interview with Dave LaGreca, Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray on a very special jam-packed edition of the SiriusXM radio program, “Busted Open Radio,” to celebrate a birthday of the host of the program.

While he was on the popular radio show, Jim Ross spoke about a number of topics, including AEW wrestlers approaching him behind-the-scenes and issues he has with the mindset of some talents in AEW.

Below are the highlights from Jim Ross’ interview on Busted Open Radio:

On AEW wrestlers approaching him behind-the-scenes

“A lot of them come to me to ask questions. You gotta get beyond the fact that, ‘man, I’ve dreamed all my life that you were gonna call one of my matches.’ Okay, cool. Thank you, I’ll do my best.”

On issues he has with the mindset of some talents in AEW

“The issue is, not everybody listens. They think that somethings [in the industry] ‘suck’. We don’t have tag ropes anymore because some of our crew think it’s lame. I think it’s bullsh*t. Heels need rules to break. You need shortcuts to gain an unfair advantage. It’s just common sense, it is basic human instincts.

The heels when they get out and wrestle? They cheat. It’s never changed, it’s not going to change. Most of them listen in and are appreciative. I can tell when their eyes go off the topic. If I’m talking to you and you ain’t looking at me in the eye? You ain’t listening. So why should I waste my breath?”

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