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Kenny Omega On The AEW Women’s Division—Sakura Signs Full-Time Deal

With the women’s division moving in leaps and bounds toward the future of the business, AEW specifically delivers the message loud and clear that AEW is the place to be for Female Wrestlers and with comments made recently by Kenny Omega regarding that particular division in AEW, it looks as though there are great things on the horizon.

Omega speaks on the Women’s Division in AEW

“Rather than give them more Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, MJF…I’d rather give them the extremely talented individuals that maybe you can’t see that week…We have incredibly gifted female wrestlers that have been working really hard fighting for a spot, maybe it’s time we give them some more. That would count as a variation in content: more women’s wrestling…”

via Wrestling Observer Radio

These comments were made on Wrestling Observer Radio and he was speaking specifically of the soon to come Rampage, his hopes for the show; that it will showcase more of the women wrestlers on the AEW roster.

With Thunder Rosa signing an official deal and with Dr. Britt Baker at the helm of the division, the show is sure to feature many angles in which women are at the focal point.

Of course equal time should probably be given to the men’s roster as well as the women’s, but Omega states his feelings clearly. Essentially he feels giving them more women’s matches will establish a fresh product as opposed to what the audience is already getting on Dark: Elevation and Dynamite.

They only need to be careful not to alienate the fans that want to see Jericho, Omega, Cage and Mox, as very often, back when WCW launched Thunder (a show that reportedly no wrestler wanted to work), the fans were disappointed that a lot of the top guys of that era weren’t featured.

In that time slot, right after SmackDown, being careful to give the fans all that they would want to see is and will definitely be key, and with certain key players like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in talks of coming over to AEW, fans will definitely want to see them along with Jon Moxley and the rest of the roster.

But overall, Omega’s statements are a tad confusing, as the women are prominently featured on Dynamite and on Dark: Elevation, and perhaps more of the same should be expected, as they’ve definitely built quite the momentum, and all of the female wrestlers, together.

via All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

But we shall see, friends.

Emi Sakura joins the AEW team

This veteran has been with the company in one capacity or another since its inception, but as has been reported by WrestlingInc, Sakura has joined on with AEW and on a full-time basis, moving forward.

The legendary wrestler started her career at the age of 17, way back in 1994 and attained her legendary status wrestling in All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, AWF, IWA, JWP and many others.

She stated over Twitter her intentions and also hinted at who, in her words, “looked very interesting,” to possibly face:

“I decided to go to America with a one-way ticket…Please look forward to what happens to ChocoPro from now on. We are ChocoPro and we like a challenge. Now AEW Women’s Division, you better be ready. Emi Sakura’s looking at the top and Britt Baker looks very interesting…”

via Twitter

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