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Tony Khan Explains All Elite Wrestling’s Creative Process

As previously reported, AEW President Tony Khan was part of a media scrum immediately following this past Saturday night’s AEW Fyter Fest PPV Event. Aside from discussing the possibility of Intergender Wrestling in AEW, Khan also talked about the creative process in All Elite Wrestling and if creative is booked by a committee.

This is what Tony Khan said: “Since inception, it’s been a committee.” “I think a lot of wrestling companies probably function with one person who at the end of the day has to make calls and go over everything. But we’re a bunch of people working together, we have a system. We have a group of coaches who go through each match, and every match has a coach.”

“And we have [Executive Vice Presidents] who creatively are working together on everything, but not everybody is necessarily working the same amount on everything. For example, Kenny Omega super involved and personally coaching the women’s matches. I’m going over everything with everybody to some degree. So, yeah, it’s a committee and we have a lot of people that are really involved in different levels.”

Khan also explained that aside from himself and the coaches, the EVPs (Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, and The Young Bucks) are also contributing and sharing their expertise on the matches of each divisions, as well.

This is what Tony Khan said: “The Executive Vice Presidents have an incredible amount of input, everyone’s got their own thing, they don’t just focus on their own angles, they look at other people’s angles, too.” “The Young Bucks are super involved with tag team wrestling in our company. Cody, not just in the singles, but so many people on the roster and throughout production.”

“Every one of them come up with things that you wouldn’t believe, little parts of the show, I’d be like, ‘Oh, that was some great thing,’ and Nick Jackson came up with it, but it had nothing to do with The Young Bucks. That’s what is really cool, we talk a lot.”

You can check out Tony Khan’s full comments in the video below:

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