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Lance Archer Thinks Sting Could “Absolutely” Contribute To AEW

Sting heading to AEW has been a major topic of conversion. It was revealed last week that the WWE Hall of Famer is no longer under contract with WWE. Opening the door up to a possible run with AEW.

It all started when Sting responded to a Tweet by Lance Archer praising his work in AEW. Cody responded to Sting’s Tweet and the internet speculation started.

Archer was recently interviewed by Inside The Ropes where he talks about if Sting can still contribute if he joins AEW.

“Absolutely, we’re sitting here talking about Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, and the contribution he’s presenting to AEW and to myself and things like that. So you’re talking about Sting who in reality could probably still step in the ring if he wanted to.

You got guys like the Undertaker still getting in there and producing at extremely high levels. There is no reason that Sting couldn’t do the same. He’s obviously an icon in this business and somebody who can help lead a talent somewhere they need to go kind of like what Jake is doing now.”

Archer feels there are so many ways an icon like Sting can be beneficial to the wrestlers backstage and the show Dynamite as a whole.

“There is no reason if it’s available to possibly not have him if he wants to be part of it and AEW wants him to be part of it.”

Archer ended by stating who knows what the future holds for Sting. But it was cool to get a nod from the legendary pro wrestler on social media.

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