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Matt Cardona Talks Wanting To Remain In AEW Long-Term, More

Former WWE Superstar Zack Ryder (real name: Matthew Brett Cardona), who is now referred to as Matt Cardona, was recently a guest on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, where he talked about a number of topics, including his friendship with Cody Rhodes, how their friendship has developed and wanting to stay with AEW long-term after his current short-term contract expires.

Below are the highlights:

On his friendship with Cody Rhodes:

“I’ve been great friends with Cody for a couple years now, so we talk almost every day if not every day. So definitely, we spoke that day. We spoke before that day. We spoke after that day. We’re always talking, always communicating.”

On how their friendship has developed:

“At first we weren’t friends. It’s like any other job. There’s people that you’re really good friends [and] with some people, you just say hi and bye to, and Cody was one of those guys. We kind of broke into WWE the same time, kind of each other’s competition. We’re the same age, but we were never enemies just never good buds, and it wasn’t until we realized we both love theme parks that really got us talking. And then we did a trip together to Universal Studios to see the new Harry Potter stuff that was opening up, and then from there, from that day, instant buds. Theme park stuff all the time and then obviously became closer friends.”

On wanting to stay with AEW long-term after his current short-term contract expires:

“It’s no surprise I’m good friends with Cody, and it’s no surprise that he has a little stroke in the company. So it’s kind of like a perfect fit.” “You see online that I haven’t signed a long-term thing, and that’s true, but I’m not there to just get a new t-shirt on I want to win championships. I want to be on Dynamite every week. I want to be on the PPVs. So right now, we haven’t come to a long-term agreement, but that’s certainly my plan to be there long term.”

You can check out Matt Cardona’s comments in the video below:

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