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Matt Hardy Sent To Hospital During AEW All Out, Latest Update

AEW star Matt Hardy was taken to a local hospital following his match against Sammy Guevara at AEW All Out.

Guevara and Hardy took a bad bump off a forklift in the backstage area. The fall caused the back of Matt’s head hit the floor. It was clear to fans watching the PPV that something was wrong because Matt lay there motionless, and Referee Aubrey Edwards looked panicked. As the match continued, Hardy had trouble getting to his feet.

The match was briefly stopped, but Matt and the AEW Dr talked the match restarted. Despite Matt being ‘fine’ to wrestle, they went directly to the finish with Guevara falling off a piece of the set and Hardy getting the win. They were in an awkward spot because Hardy had to win. If not, he would have to leave AEW, per the match stipulations. However, anyone could write a storyline around that.

Later during All Out, Tony Schiavone announced that Matt is expected to be okay. He explained that Dr. Sampson cleared him to continue the match.

None of this went over well with Reby Hardy, Matt’s Wife.

“Let me be absolutely f**king clear. There is NOTHING entertaining about a concussion. Shame on everyone in that goddamn building.”

After the show, Tony Khan addressed the decision to let Matt Hardy wrestle.

“I just wanted to give everyone an update on Matt Hardy and say, most importantly, Matt is okay, and he’s going to be okay. What had happened was Matt had taken a fall in the match, and I stopped the match, paused the match, and sent the doctor to check on him.”

Tony continued by stating he was concerned Hardy could be hurt, which is why he rang the bell and paused the match.

“When the doctor checked him, he passed him and cleared him on the concussion protocol. He checked with Matt, and then Matt came back after and passed the concussion protocol, and he’s doing okay. I spoke with him after the match and talked to him again just now. He went as a precaution to the hospital to get some tests and check out that he’s okay.
Khan stated that it looks like Hardy is okay and thus the reason the doctor cleared him to continue. He stated that it wasn’t something that any of them enjoyed as it was a scary moment. The biggest take away was that Hardy is okay, and they were really glad about that.

A follow-up question was asked about the incident and the amount of time passed to clear Matt.

“Yes, there was a good amount of time to make the decision. The doctor did clear him. Matt did not pressure him, and Dr. Sampson would not be pressured into clearing anybody.”

Khan later stated that Dr. Sampson had pulled people from shows without hesitation in the past, and they are strict on wreslters health and wellbeing.

“I would never go against a doctor’s decision. Most importantly, Matt would not have been able to overrule the doctor’s decision. Not with the doctor and not with me. That’s what happened.”

Tony stated the doctor cleared him, which is the important thing, and Matt wanted to continue the match.

“At that point, when the doctor cleared him and Matt said he wanted to continue. We allowed it to continue.”

On Sunday morning, Reby provided an update on her husband Matt via Twitter, and she said he is still in the hospital, and despite what was being reported, he does have a concussion.

“They needed additional imaging done after his CT. He’s still in the hospital. 1000% concussion. Anyone with eyes could have told you that tho.”

Later, Reby password protected her Twitter account so we can no longer see her tweets.

Pro Wrestling News Hub will you posted on this ongoing story.

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